Kids have open minds that are curious and vitally interested in the world around them. Each child has a unique way of seeing, inquiring, gathering and learning. So, how do parents and teachers keep supporting this natural, mind-expanding experience and encourage continued joy in discovery once attendance at school begins?

Having spent most of my life raising and teaching children from many different backgrounds and learning styles, I have created a simple, fun way to prepare a kid's body and mind for just that: an open mind that can focus, concentrate, absorb and integrate information without stress.

I call this method, 1-2-3 Learning Stress Free. It's composed of simple movements that are performed right next to a child's desk at school or practiced with or without a parent before school or homework.

The whole routine only takes 6 minutes and its fun to do for kids of all ages. Once a child knows the routine, he/she can perform it on their own, prior to learning, testing or performing music or sports  - any experience that requires a focused mind.  It may only take 6 minutes to perform, but it will make a world of difference for the child's confidence and self-esteem. 

I designed this routine to:  

    Awaken awareness of the body in space - brings the body and mind to a "present" state of awareness 

      Calm the body through breath/movement integration - lowers heart rate and blood pressure

           Calm the nerves - by drawing the focus away from "feelings" to the task at hand

    Teach simple movements in a pattern - release stress from muscles & diminish restlessness

          Turn on both brain hemispheres - brings balance between the two ways the brain handles information

             Integrates brain hemispheres - awaken the whole brain so learning occurs with "one mind"

   Link the body and brain - coordinates physical and mental activity to create acute attention and focus

       Integrates all senses with the brain and body

         Single-focus the mind so concentration occurs naturally

For Teachers during class time - Kindergarten through High School

For Parents before school & prior to homework - to improve attitudes and abilities of kids of all ages

For Adults  -  to create a sharp mind by integrating brain hemispheres

        and improving concentration and memory skills 

Below, you will find the  6-minute video of the 1-2-3 Learning Stress Free routine and the 13-minute instructional video. Both can be viewed in a larger format at

I also have written material that explains proper performance of each movement - breath pattern, focus point for the eyes, contributing attributes and more. Just send me an email at

and I will send you this document.



13-minute instructional video

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