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This workshop includes lecture and a guided meditation - it runs nearly 2 hours.

You may watch it Part 1 & 2 on on a larger format.

If you would like to receive the manual that helps you understand this teaching on a deeper level, contact Melinda. The cost is $15 if you want to receive it as a pdf file or $20 if you want a snail mail copy.

In 1996, Melinda presented this series of lectures that combines her knowledge of science, Metaphysics, psychology and Yogic Philosophy to explore the universe we live in. 

There are 6 videos in the series and each one runs about an hour.

                                    Video 1   "The Cosmic Absolute"

                                    Video 2   "The Nature of Nature"

                                    Video 3   "Maya, the Cosmic Illusion"

                                   Video 4    "Cosmic Consciousness"

                                   Video 5    "Human Nature"

                                   Video 6    "In Wisdom"  

Mater Cosmos       painting by Melinda Peterson    2010

Merzel Collection

Meditation is the natural state of mind that occurs when thoughts cease while awareness is

maintained. This state is called "Superconsciousness". The ancient Yogis perfected meditation

over 5,000 years ago and recorded their discovery in the ancient Yogic text, "The Raja Yoga Sutras".

As a Yogini, I have been involved with this text since the 1960's.

In this recorded workshop video, part 1, I focus on the initial stages of meditation called,

"Lower Samadhi". Gaining control over your thoughts, allows you to move beyond feelings,

fears and pain. You relax and go with the flow" of pure awareness. Your internal space is

peaceful and the feeling rejuvenating.

Universal Laws of Wisdom Lecture Series 

        Is Now Available on YouTube/melindapeterson

The Natural Evolution of Consciousness through Meditation