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Keeping Yourself intuitively "plugged in"

  • Staying In Tune lecture clip4:24
  • Staying In Tune lecture clip4:24

You are composed of many different "bodies" - physical, mental, emotional and ethereal - that all exist at different frequencies in the same space.

Because each body is subject to vacillation due to your constant reaction or response to external and internal influences, these bodies go "out of phase" with each other. This creates a state of dis-harmony in the mind and body which results in feeling "out of sorts", confused, un-centered, emotional, fearful and ill. 

Basically, you un-plug your "self" from the Self.

             Want this pattern to cease?  There is a way, but only you can choose it.

In this workshop, I will be teaching the way to stay tuned into the Self.

We had a great workshop! If you are interested in receiving the manual, worksheets and audio files for $45, contact Melinda at:

  email: or call 208-705-2730.