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        Yoga Nidra: Releasing Emotional Attachment to the Past

      Sometimes events happen in life that are so traumatic they become a 'wall' that keeps blocking a person's ability to be totally present and well in the 'now'. But, there is a way to dissolve this wall without years of counseling: Yoga Nidra.

A Yoga Nidra session with Melinda consists of two parts:

1.  Mind-mapping to uncover how past events  link together and function as the root to your current behaviors and attitudes

2.  Allowing Melinda to lead you into a 'trance state' where release of emotional attachment to these memories occurs and new, positive ideas are imprinted in the neural pathways in your brain

Melinda has been leading people through this process for over 30 years. She completes the experience by providing specific meditation and yogic practices that ensure continued relief for each client.

Fee - 2 parts

  $70 an hour  Mind-mapping    Over the phone 

During this session, you and Melinda uncover the root causes and subsequent web of related memories that manifest as current destructive behavior that stem from the subconscious level of your mind. These negative mental states have intense emotions attached to them and they manifest as fear and anxiety which arise during your waking state, as well as, unsettling dreams while you try to sleep. They often affect your physical body by manifesting as illness and chronic diseases.

   $90  Personalized Yoga Nidra Experience

Following your mind-mapping session, in the quiet moments following her early morning meditation, Melinda records a personalized Yoga Nidra experience for you. First, she leads you into a state of deep relaxation that is very similar to hypnosis. Then, she mentions the memories that arose during

your mind-mapping session. This opens up your subconscious and

unconscious levels and allows them to become  active and flexible like soft plastic - subject to change. At this point, release of emotions tied to specific events occurs. This releasing process takes several minutes and may cause tears to fall and the body to twitch, but all reactions are subdued in nature.

 During the third stage of the experience, Melinda mentions positive, mind-expanding thoughts which implant in your subconsciousness mind. This allows  new ways of thinking and feeling to form the basis for "being" in the world. This new state of mind reflects  as increased calmness and resolution due to the release of emotional attachment from past events. They set the stage for new attitudes and behaviors.

Finally, Melinda slowly draws you back into a normal, relaxed state in the conscious mind and body - very similar to the way you feel upon waking from a good night's sleep. You will feel "altered" in a positive way and will spend the rest of the day quietly "being" while the impact of this experience settles into your consciousness.

Melinda encourages you to use this sound recording periodically to  support further release of emotional attachment to the past. Since emotions come off in layers, it is important to experience your personal Yoga Nidra whenever you experience uncomfortable feelings, such as anxiety and fear in the future. In the beginning, you may use Yoga Nidra once a week to reinforce inner calmness. Your personal recording will serve you for many years to come.

 Available to Clients

Over the Phone

    Melinda converses with you by phone to gather history and create the mind-map. Then, in the quiet morning hours, she enters a Superconscious state and records Yoga Nidra  using theinsights she gained during the mind-mapping session.

All clients receive a personal copy of their Yoga Nidra experience through This sound file may be downloaded to any sound device. CD version is also available for a surcharge of $10.

Payment is due at the end of mind-mapping. Clients receive an invoice through Paypal from Melinda's company, Visionary Voice and Sound. Prompt payment is appreciated.

To make an appointment, contact Melinda at or give her a call at 208-705-2730.