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‚Äč  Melinda Ann P e t e r s on

December 2019

"Tuning In" to the Spirit of the Season

This time of year sparks deep feelings in many people on the Earth: some are harmless and some are not. Most of us have experienced trauma with or by family members and our nerves are raw and stuck in a timeless emotional remembrance of past hurts. This season of "joy" is not full of pleasantries; it is an annual reminder of an unhappy past.

That is why it is so important to anchor your awareness to the real present you are receiving: Now! This very moment you can bring your awareness forward to the now and realize you have choice!

You can only repeat the past if you keep it alive in the cage of your memories - trapped within your emotional body which plays the "loop" over and over in your mind. The more you focus on this angry beast, the more hostile you feel. You poison your own existence by feeding it with

painful remembrances.

Try something new this year: Move your awareness beyond the forest of your memories - past your ego's desire for revenge and retaliation. Deeper within you lies the Essence of Life Itself.You may have any name you want to call it, but IT is the Source of All That IS!

Nothing exists without  ITs existence.IT exists outside the bounds of the time/space continuum.IT is conscious of IT-self and all awareness sources from this self-referring awarenessIT exists beyond the physical plane of matter and energy and yet, it is the source of All That  ISIT is impersonal: IT is beyond ego. It is beyond judgment and opinionITs  consciousness is the source of all natural laws that govern this universe (and others)

You can know IT by training your awareness to move beyond the limitations of your conditioned mind. Your awareness can penetrate deeply into Inner Space and discover this IT.You can experience IT and all the wonderful feelings that flow from IT: peace, timelessness, unbounded possibilities, freedom from yourself and your past.

Making this connection by "tuning in" supports wellness in your body. Re-awakening the body's inherent intelligence by re-connecting with the Source, is like re-booting your computer: it restores wholeness! It is this intelligence-reboot that promotes healing to the body:

A "self-aware, knowing" body is capable of knowing how to heal and "be" well!

A "self-aware, knowing" mind is focusing on the present moment. It "knows it is One with the Seer within because it is experiencing It. This experience changes the way you are perceiving.You experience a unified "knowingness" with the Source, the act and the object you are perceiving - be it a person, a place or a thing. You are totally in the present.

Centered in this awareness of the "Wholeness of All That IS", your mind "sees" the Big Picture. Your bodily functions move towards integration to support your whole being in the present moment.

Meditation is the key to "tuning in". Training your mind through specific practices that control your breath and the direction of your awareness, you give yourself a season of inner joy and peace that shines bright from within you and radiates love into the world.

May you know of This,

Melinda Ann