June 2020

Does a Black Swan exist? Have you ever seen one?  Oh, you've only heard about them, so you don't know for sure if they are real. In your mind, all swans are white.

And then, one day, you see a Black Swan and your whole narrative about swans is debunk.  Reality has shattered your view of the world.  Reality has become the adversary by wiping away your belief about swans.

Most people panic when they wake up to the realization that their narrative has changed. Not used to quiet, alone time.....enjoyed being distracted and entertained; but, it's gone.

You are not alone.  I was teaching a meditation workshop one afternoon.  Everyone was sitting quietly, just being aware of the breath and thoughts floating through the space in their minds....it was peaceful.

Suddenly, there was a big bang! Male hands beating on the wooden floor - a man running out of the room.  Of course, everyone came out of their peaceful space and started talking about what had happened. I left the room and found the fellow outside, having a smoke.

"I couldn't handle the calm," he told me.

" I didn't realize how agitated I am until I tried to go into that calm space".

His Black Swan experience. He was so used to being on alert, anticipating a crisis - that the quiet and calmness of the meditation experience was too much for him. He was a fireman by trade, so his reaction made sense...Black Swans are unnerving.

The problem today is that the virus is mankind's Black Swan. It is our new reality.

So, how do we adjust? I have a few suggestions -

Be aware of what is still the same and use it as your foundation

  • Routines are good for the body - establish a new pattern of "normal"
  • The body needs to stay healthy and alive - good food, exercise, rest,etc.
  • Practice deep breathing - inhale, pause, exhale, pause - several times a day
  • Be cautious of the invisible when you venture into the outer world

  • The mind needs to engaged - challenge yourself by trying something new that you always wanted to do
  • Take charge of your mind - set boundaries on what you focus on... remember that thoughts or fears gain strength when focused on = be positively engaged in the now
  • Take charge of how you feel by choosing HOW you WANT to FEEL and then ACTING from that feeling. It will change your brain chemistry so the feeling becomes real.

Be aware of what is different

  • Lack of social interaction - is very difficult for people who are energized by others
  • Increased feelings of insecurity arise when the "unknown" is staring you in the face.

Black Swans make us face the underlying reality of existence that has always been there :   All things in Life are finite = they have a beginning, middle and end.

 I find it is best to create a foundation that is based on the following truths

  • I determine how I act or react to "what is". I have choice.
  • I have a mind that can move beyond "what is" and open up to new possibilities.
  • I can be creative in the way I live, move, think, cook and spend my time
  • I can reach out in a positive way to others who are in my life
  • I can be grateful for what I do have
  • I can take time to acknowledge Peace that lies beyond my awareness of the Outer World and my body, beyond my chattering mind....Inner Stillness...deep within the core of my being...the Spirit from which Life itself emerges
  • I am only alone when I focus on myself and how you feel.
  • Think big - be aware of humankind - we are all in this together

Black Swans are real and they serve a purpose: they destroy false narratives and reveal underlying truth.  They are part of the continuum of experience, the wake up call for many, the affirmation for a few.  We are in a time of collapse and people are angry.

We cannot go back to what was. We cannot tolerate lies and diversions anymore.  They cannot save us. In fact, they are the illusion that has been blown away by the virus.  We must stand together and be strong and honest about truth that has been hidden from us for way too long.  Revolutions are inevitable when Truth can no longer be pushed back into the box of illusion.

To be or not to be - I do have some say in it!

Melinda Ann

The Black Swan is Real!

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