Adviser on Life and Expanding Consciousness        Visionary      Esoteric Teacher

‚Äč  Melinda Ann P e t e r s on


   Melinda is a visionary. Her life's work involves working with consciousness - her own and other interested people. Consciousness is also known as "Mindspace". It lies within and functions as the space in which thoughts, feelings, memories, dreams and imagination appear on the movie screen of the mind.

   There are many levels to Mind -  hidden, underlying, present, shadow -

and Melinda has spent years exploring these various states through both the mystical, philosophical and scientific fields of perception.

   She shares her intuitive insights through private sessions and recorded lectures and meditations at her Patreon site. She has advised thousands of individuals over the past four decades and currently works individually with private students who wish to increase their spiritual perceptions of the Inner and Outer Worlds. Interested parties may also schedule appointments to gain access to her insights.

   Yogic philosophy, Sufism and Taoism have shaped her view of Life. Coupled with self-discipline and a daily practice of meditation and Hatha Yoga over the past 50 years, Melinda continues to create art, guided meditations and lectures that express her vision of life in its multifarious ways.   208-478-6931     208-705-2730