Esoteric Teacher  & Adviser

for Expanding consciousness


  Melinda Ann P e t e r s on

    Like many children, Melinda came into this world with her "sixth senses"  working. Her "spiritually

evolved" mother, Kathryn Peterson, encouraged her gifts and Melinda thrived spiritually, academically

and artistically. At 15, she chose the disciplined Path of Yoga as her way to become a master of herself.

    Melinda is a student of Life and she studies subjects that interest her everyday. Both science and esoteric

studies have allowed her to glean deep insight into the workings of the universe. She attended three universities and yet, due to circumstances, never earned a degree.  However, she was inducted into the

Golden Key International Honors Society for academic excellence in 2004 while attending Idaho State University. She has won multiple awards for her paintings and many of her pieces reside in private homes across the West.

  In the early 70's, while attending the University of Utah, she was unsure of her career path, so she moved to Logan,  Utah, to become an art student at Utah State University. Summers were spent in the Primitive White Cloud area of Idaho, where she communed with Nature and honed her skills as an herbalist. She also offered evening classes in "Parapsychology" through USU, teaching other students how to access their "sixth senses".

    Eventually, she left school and settled in Idaho. She created and directed a Women's Center in Twin Falls, offering classes in everything from Modern Dance to Lamaze Child Birthing techniques.  She also wrote a weekly column for the local paper, Times News, sharing her knowledge of native plants and their healing properties. She became known as "Doc Mel" among the poor and often supplied food from her garden, along with advice about natural remedies to aid wellness in her neighbors.

    In the early 80's, Melinda returned to her hometown, Salt Lake, with her two children and started Sheer Graphics. She  started teaching Hatha Yoga and conducting private intuitive sessions using her knowledge of Astrology and the Tarot. In 1986, she opened her own studio, Person Human, and expanded her teaching repertoire to include courses on various Esoteric subjects. She was invited to be a regular guest speaker in Dr. Dean Chatterjee's "World Religion"s classes at the U. of Utah after he had attended her course on the Chakras.

    Life was very busy with both businesses thriving and two teenagers to guide and raise. However, that came to a screeching halt when a crippling car accident in 1990 sent her home to recover. Interesting enough, Melinda's clientele for private readings spread from coast to coast and she was able to survive until she won her court case and received a settlement.

   The 90's brought a new son into her life and a thriving clientele for Restorative Yoga and Meditation. She taught several classes a week and lectured on more advanced aspects of Yoga philosophy by offering courses on the Upanishads and Raja Yoga Sutras. By the late 90's, she had given over 600 lectures and her popularity was growing. But, life had other plans: a move to Pocatello, Idaho in 2000, where she could have the space and time to educate and raise her youngest son, who is currently an honor student at Idaho State University.


 Melinda teaches weekly Restorative Ahimsa Yoga

and Meditation classes.   She also works privately

with students who want a seasoned guide on the path

of spiritual evolution.

She loves to garden, paint and spend time with family,

close friends and her animals. Life is a blessing indeed!


About Melinda