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Melinda lives Life as it unfolds in the moment.

She perceives the world through the eyes of the scientist, as well as, the mystic. An avid researcher, Melinda has spent years studying and writing about both scientific and esoteric topics which she publishes on the web at this site and on her Patreon page. 

Melinda has centered her life around the Path of Yoga. She has personally practiced Hatha Yoga and meditation for over 55 years and has been teaching publicly for 36.

As a lecturer, Melinda has been a guest speaker at western universities on a wide range of subjects: stress-relief for music students, Eastern philosophy,  and using yogic practices to help children learn.  In the early 70's,  she offered evening classes in "Parapsychology" where she instructed fellow students in accessing and developing  their "sixth senses".

After leaving academia, she spent 15 months in the primitive wilderness communing with Nature beyond the influence of modern society. She settled in southern Idaho and created and directed a Women's Center.  She also wrote a weekly column for the local paper, sharing her knowledge of native plants and their healing properties. She became known as "Doc Mel" among the poor and often supplied food from her garden, along with advice about natural remedies to aid her neighbors.

 In the early 80's, Melinda returned to her hometown, Salt Lake. She opened Sheer Graphics to work for herself as an artist and Person Human, to teach Hatha Yoga and conduct private intuitive sessions using her extra-sensory perception and knowledge of Astrology and the Tarot. She also taught evening classes on various esoteric subjects and became a regular guest speaker in Dr. Dean Chatterjee's "World Religion"s classes at the U. of Utah.

In 1990, her life came to a screeching halt due to a car accident that left her legally disabled from the waist up. However, through her own exploration of the natural healing process, she returned to near-perfect movement within 4 years. She used this same knowledge to heal herself from a brutal assault and a life-threatening combo of heart/lung and thyroid malfunction in 2012.

Melinda currently teaches restorative yoga classes and conducts private sessions at her studio,  Intune Idaho in Pocatello. Students support their healing process by joining her Patreon community and working with her published practices and videos at





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