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                               Advisory Services

                                 To make an appointment, call Melinda at 208.705.2730
                                   or send an email to:  

                    Private Session

                During your session, I provide insight and solutions to

                your life issues. My practical advice can assist you in moving

                forward on your journey - in spite of the pandemic.



                 Natal Astrological Chart

               Knowing yourself opens doors to good decisions:

                        Picking the right study or career path

                        Forming healthy relationships

                        Identifying your personality traits that hold you back

                        Living a life pattern that supports well-being

                      Fee: $180   includes your chart + 1.5 hour consultation


               Following your session with Melinda you will:

                      Receive an audio recording via

                      Pay via PayPal

              In order to complete your chart, I need the following info:

                  Birth date     Birth time (if known; estimate)   Birth place

                  Your current address and phone #