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Learning from the Wisdom of the Ancients

There is something deeply rewarding in contemplating thoughts that were spoken millennia ago... to sit quietly in the minds of wise observers of humankind... to see how they saw Life as the drama playing out on the stage of existence...

For over 5 decades, I have pondered ancient texts and found profound ideas that encourage me to challenge my personal and cultural conditioning. I have shared my ideas with interested persons over the years through lectures at various institutions and private groups.

I am currently compiling audio recordings to assist you in gaining deeper insight into the compelling philosophies and religions that have manifested  during mankind's time on the planet.

I have included a short excerpt on my homepage to give you a taste of one of my lectures on the Bhagavad Gita. If you find it to interest you, please go to my patreon   site and join my community. You will find it enlightening on your journey through maze of today's world. Visit patreon at this website for more details.

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