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Ideas are illusive by nature. They exist on the subtle plane and only become concrete when written down. When you think about it, before the advent of writing, ideas were only shared through voice - as sound vibrations. The speaker's intention  was felt by the listener. This quality is often lost in our modern communication.

 In many ways, I am a storyteller just sharing ideas that come to mind during

the quiet, early morning hours. While sipping my first cup of tea outside, no matter the weather, I remind myself of where I exist in space/time - in Nature, in human history. I stand in awe of this incredible universe.

I feel a connection, a Oneness with all living beings in this world who live a simple life - who contemplate, suffer and dream. This ritual allows me to begin each day with awareness of what is real for me in this "modern" world....and then, I write.




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