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"Space/Time Continuum"   by Melinda Peterson   2003

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​​Melinda offers a variety of astrological charts that explore unique aspects of an individual's life.

Natal Chart

Also known as a birth chart, the natal chart provides a "snapshot" of planetary locations and their angular interactions at the time of birth. Through analysis of the data, Melinda provides insights into a person's gifts/talents, health issues, problems areas, personality characteristics; career potentials and relationships. Armed with this information, a parent or individual fine-tune their life approach to flow more in-sync with the natural way a person is structured to function in this life.

       Fee: $200     Includes a 1.5 hour consultation

Transit Chart

The transit chart explores planetary trends that will be in effect for a 12-month period. Significant influences due to the motion of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are covered in depth since they set the "tone" for this specific year. The minor planetary motions of Mercury, Venus and Mars are discussed on a month-to-month basis. A personal "book" that provides an easy-to-read, daily forecast is included, along with a recorded interpretation of Melinda's analysis.

     Fee  $300   Includes a 2-hour consultation and personal book

Progressed Chart

The progressed chart is an excellent tool for any individual who is a serious student of esoteric teachings because it explores the current lessons the "soul" is encountering at a particular time in life. This information allows the student of Higher Teachings to hone in on which particular karmic lessons are at play during the coming year, so spiritual work can be approached with a readied focus and acceptance.

    Fee  $200  Includes a 1.5 hour consultation

 If you would like Melinda to share her insights with you through analysis of an astrological chart,

give her a call at 1-208-478-6931. The analysis can be recorded  with or without you, or in-person at Intune Idaho Studio in Pocatello, Idaho.  Please be able to provide the birth date, time and place, along with the person's current location when you call. An appointment time will be scheduled at that time.

About Melinda's Background in Planetary Motions

Melinda has been engaged in the study of planetary motions and their effect on both the physical and subtle plane since childhood. While attending a high school in Mentor Ohio, she assisted the director of the in-school planetarium with calculations for alignment of astronomical data for "star shows" and  then went on to to work as a tour guide at the Hansen Planetarium in Salt Lake City, Utah.

With a highly intuitive and inquisitive nature, Melinda dove into discovering the significance of planetary motion on human events in ancient cultures. Powerful rulers relied on astrological data to predict natural and man-made events, such as crop production, waging war and economic trends.

Today, due to light and other pollution, most people have no idea what the skies looked like prior to the Industrial Revolution. Negative press from the scientific and religious groups throughout the centuries, has also  darkened people's understanding of planetary significance in their lives. However, in 2016, astronomers discovered a web of magnetic energy fields that "connect" all the planets together: generation of an interplanetary energy  does  exist and we exist within it.This "web" of energy is what astrologers have been observing, recording and using to predict probabilities for thousands of years.

In 2016, Melinda produced a video lecture series, "Astrology: The Basics" which instructs the viewer in preparation and basic interpretation of an astrological, natal chart. This series includes 10 hours of lecture and a workbook. The cost is $300.  To order, contact Melinda.