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" Its not "Cognito, ergo sum"  (I think, therefore I am), as Descartes said,

but "Opto , ergo sum" (I choose, therefore I am).

                                 Amit Goswami, Quantum Physicist

                                 Author of the Self-Aware Universe

                               & Star of Quantum Activist

November 2017

Back is the middle 1600's, when Descartes proposed that matter was the basis from which everything in the universe springs forth, the importance of consciousness was put on the back burner. The Western approach to science and its logical method of hypothesizing, testing and analyzing data as a way to discover the "right" answer, became the law of the land. Metaphysics and esoteric studies, which require interpretation of subtle energy patterns that scientific instrumentation could not detect, were put out with the trash. Newtonian physics ruled the day!

However, since the 1930's, science itself has undergone continual adaptation as to its explanation of the nature of this universe, as Quantum Mechanics and Physics have provided a new view: the subatomic world. And some quantum physicists, such as Amit Goswami, propose that consciousness, not matter, forms the warp and woof of the subatomic world. Through scientific research, quantum physicists now know that the act of  observation affects the outcome of any experiment . The act of observation affects the outcome?

So, what does this mean to you, the reader....why am I bringing this up?

Because it is important to know that "what you think" and "how you think" does have an effect on every aspect of your life - your health, relationships and future plans.

Consciousness flows as waves through the medium of space. Thought-waves that you generate in your individual or "local" space, called your mind, flow in energy patterns

through the non-local field of consciousness. On the big scale, your thought patterns will either harmonize,  interfere with or cancel other thoughts which all exhibit potential for manifestation on the physical plane. This means that what you think attracts, repels or cancels possibilities in your here and now and in your future. 

If you would like to learn more on this subject, may I suggest that you pick up a copy of "The Self-Aware Universe" by Amit Goswami and spend some time opening your mind. You may not have total control of the bowl of cherries Life put before you, but you do have choice about what you do with the pits:


                 Plant them in the Earth and an orchard of trees will grow

                 if you give them love, food and water over time

                 Or throw them in the trash and be angry that your life isn't 

                 the way your want it to be!

                                              Love those cherries!


Consciousness Creates the Material World

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