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  Melinda Ann P e t e r s on

February 2018

The order you create in your environment is a reflection of the orderliness

of your mind. If your surroundings are a jumbled mess of  objects, papers andlast week's dirty clothes, your mind obviously jumps through the hoops of your past when trying to cope with the present moment.

Order in your outside world reflects purity of mind. A pure mind is able to function with awareness on the "now" without referencing yesterday. Keeping the body and the mind "pure" is an external practice of Yoga. "Shauch" is the Sankrit word for purity and it is one of the Yamas which are known as restraints. Yama practices are not limited by class, place, time or circumstance ( Raja Yoga Sutras/Sadhana Pad/Sutras 31 and 32).

When you find yourself wasting time trying to find something that you need and you must wade through the chaos of your surroundings, you become agitated.This agitation engages the emotional body which causes your rational mind to disengage and you become reactive. You have become the victim of your clutter.

Beginning the de-cluttering process requires you to make changes in the way you live your life. You need to begin by separating "what" you need from the piles of your past. Then, you must establish a place to put what you need in your daily life in a space that is convenient - easy to access and start putting the stuff you are keeping in that space along with any "new" stuff that comes into your living quarters.  Starting with your mail or where you put your keys is easy.

Now take what you "no longer need" , bless it, thank it for serving you and send it on its way - to the garbage or a thrift store or charity or to someone you know who could "use" the item. Let trunk of your car to serve as temporary storage and make frequent stops to drop off items, pass along to a friend or take to the dump.

Once you set up this easy pattern to establish order, it's just a matter of taking the time to engage in the process. To avoid being overwhelmed by this experience, start with a drawer or your clothing - something small - just engage in the process and you will begin moving your space and your mind towards purity. This will help you think more clearly today and spend less time looking for things, thus avoiding frustration. Your mind will begin to find a new sense of order that will support your internal state of peace during meditation.

To learn more about de-cluttering, may I suggest you purchase Tisha Morris' book "Clutter Intervention" at It is an easy read and very helpful.

                               May you enjoy your journey towards Peace,


De-cluttering Your Space, De-clutters your Mind