Masculine Archetype

The Masculine Archetype knows what the goal is and does what is necessary to accomplish it, without concern for the human element. It focuses on planning, structuring and building what it wants and uses what it needs to reach its goal. It dominates situations and acts with a decisive and discriminating attitude without concern for what it is doing. It gives orders and also follows all orders given to it by other males of higher authority. It focuses on the goal and accomplishment of the act without concern for recourse. It impregnates receptive situations to accomplish its own outcome. It defends, with great force, what it believes in. It functions with self-reliance, egoism and self-concern.

          SYMBOLS                        CHARACTERISTICS


         Father                               Leader & Protector                                                         King                                   Focus on goals

         Playboy                             self-centered

         Entrepreneur                     Wealthy

         Government                      Power

         Sword                                Warrior

         Police                                 Control

Feminine Archetype

The Feminine Archetype functions as the nurturing qualities of life. It receives what life gives and cares for it. It puts the welfare of others first and seeks to please others that they may find happiness and joy. Often times, it takes the act to the extreme and becomes the martyr. Its power lies in yielding to "what is" and if that does not work, to play the role of the manipulator. It has a mysterious air about it due to the fact that intuition is one of its dominant characteristics and people who lack this ability, fear it. It idealizes life and offers emotional support to the sorrowful, food to the weak and hungry and compassion to those who suffer.  It brings forth the "new" by receiving the seed and nourishing it until it takes can function independently.

   SYMBOLS                      CHARACTERISTICS

    Mother                            Fertility

    Children                          Seed

    Door                               Yielding

    Bed                                Giving

    Moon                             Emotional

    Martyr                            Sacrifice

    Seducer                         Manipulate

Hero Archetype

The Hero Archetype takes on the mask of what it believes and displays this belief through actions that affect oneself and others. It only exists due to the manifestation of its opposite, the Adversary. It pulls forth all that is good in men and women. It willingly goes into battle to save others and also heals them after the battle. It sees conflict as the necessary element to bring peace and order into life.

   SYMBOLS                     CHARACTERISTICS

    Prince                              Noble

    Knight                              Chivalry

    Super Hero                      Good

    Victor                               Victory

    Hospital                           Healing

    Brings Order                   Diminishes chaos

    Brings Peace                  Eliminates conflict

Adversary Archetype

The Adversary Archetype limits and destroys anything in its path. It knows no fear for it is the embodiment of fear itself. It tears down what is limited and by doing so, reveals reality itself. Painfully, it makes us look at what we fear. It willingly acts out the role of the monster. There is no reasoning with the adversary for it has a one-track mind - to destroy what "is". There is no emotional way to reach its heart because it doesn't have one. It uses, abuses and discards. Its role is to destroy all that currently exists. It is deceitful and very successful at role-playing - it can appear sweet as a lamb, and yet truly be a monster.

    SYMBOLS                       CHARACTERISTICS

  War, Conflict                     Reality

  Murder                              Destruction

  Rapist                               Abuse

  Addict                               Regression

  Devil                                 Evil

  Grim Reaper                    Death

  Terrorist                           Violence

Death- Rebirth Archetype

The Death-Rebirth Archetype appears as the cycles of life for man and the planet. It represents the basic, underlying patterns that serve as the foundation in our lives. It represents not being > being > not being, etc. - that pattern of death of one state followed by the birth of a new state: joy > sorrow, happy >sad. The patterns of daily human life - sleeping, eating, doing, resting, etc. and the patterns in Nature - day followed by night, the cyclic movement of the moon and the tides of the ocean. It perpetuates the old and struggles with the new.


  Baby                              Birth

 Moon                              Tides                             

 Seasons                        Equinox/Solstice

 Clock                             Time

 Crops                             Planting/Harvesting

 Hope                              Prayer

 Moving                           Transitions

The Journey Archetype   

The Journey Archetype represents linear time and development. It becomes more apparent as we move forward and then look back. It is the quest of the soul towards connection to a Higher Power. It is the journey of learning new ideas and incorporating them into what we already know. It is the path of our memories and the hope for the future. It is the "here and now" in this moment if we only learn to see it.

   SYMBOLS                       CHARACTERISTICS

Development                      Progress

Maturing                             Growth

Parties                                Celebration

Outer Space                       Unknown

Prophecy                            Future

Anniversary                        Renewal

Spiritual Path                     Enfoldment of Inner Self 

Science                              Understanding

The Self Archetype

The Self Archetype is Life itself - existence in a state a total integration of all the archetypal energies that oppose one and other. It is the source of all energy and matter in the universe. It is the source of consciousness, supreme intelligence and it reveals itself as synchronicity in daily life. Experiencing it, is called Bliss.

Feeling it, is called Joy. Knowing it, is called Truth. Being blessed by it, is called Grace. Having faith in it, is called Hope. Its energy gives us Life. It functions through your body, connects with you through intuition and is experienced when clarity of mind and emotional detachment occur.

SYMBOLS                      CHARACTERISTICS

Synchronicity                  Life

Sexual Bliss                    Ecstasy

Spiritual Bliss                  Enlightenment

Marriage                         Love

Dove                               Peace

Wedding                         Union

Rainbow                         Hope

Mandala                         Source

Candle light                    Wisdom


Definitions & Symbols of the 7 Archetypes


  Melinda Ann P e t e r s on

Listed below are definitions of the 7 Archetypes and examples as they appear in the outer world: literature, art, and events - and in the dream state. I have also listed a few symbols that relate to each Archetype, as they have appeared throughout human existence. The connection between the object and the archetypal energy is malleable and you may see a symbol differently than the way I, or others, have specified it.  That is the beauty of  discovering your own symbol system through observation of your dreams and daily life.


In your dream analysis work, you will discover your own symbols that your Dream Ego uses to communicate with you. It is wise to write down this new language of symbols in your dream journal so for analysis of individual dreams, as well as, uncovering underlying themes which are manifesting in your daily life. I will share more on this subject in future writings.

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