‚Äč  Melinda Ann P e t e r s on

Dharma: The Sustaining Principle

October 2020

It is our nature as humans with a western mindset, to believe that Life is personal and an expression of individualism; that each one of us has a long-term influence over our surroundings, our society and other people.  This perception makes us feel special and exalts our importance in the scheme of things as they unfold along the timeline of existence.

 Another view is offered by the eastern mindset: Dharma.  This concept of Dharma expresses the view that Life evolves through time and space by adapting to "what is"; It is the name given to that which sustains Life; any action that supports existence between inception and demise.  In Hinduism, this attribute is called the god " Vishnu'. The "god" aspect expresses the idea that it is not controlled or influenced by man - it is beyond Man and exists as Nature: a manifestation of the natural order of the Universe.

Dharma is not a concept that is easy to grasp unless you have spent time just observing Life on the planet.  Most people are busy complaining about "what is" and hoping, praying and chanting to make the world different than what it is. It is only when we stop trying to be "in charge" or "influence" what is happening, that one is able to see the natural order that underlies Life on the planet.  We humans are only temporary guests in this world and it is only when we are quiet inside and really take a look at "what is" going on outside that awareness of Dharma emerges in our conscious minds.

 Dharma is the way Life exists naturally without interference from Man.  Dharma is a river without a dam unless a beaver constructs one based on instinctual knowledge. Dharma is the insect that thrives off the plants in the field, feeds the birds that live in the vicinity without harming the farmer's crops.  Dharma is organic farming that locks carbon in the air into the soil.  Dharma is wind power that provides energy without poisoning the land, rivers and air. Dharma is about "rightness" -  win/win, not winners and losers. (Only humans with big egos play the win/lose game and we have a perfect example in the White House now).

Dharma becomes self-evident in the person who has a healthy body due to proper eating habits, performs regular exercise, gets enough sleep and stills the mind as a daily habit.  Calmness of mind supports a responsive approach towards life rather than a reactive attitude that blames, finds fault and prays that things will be different. "Going with the Flow" refers to flowing with Dharma.  Understanding Nature, from both a scientific and esoteric position, is key to flowing with the natural order of things.

We are at a turning point: we have to make Dharma the path we follow.  We need to elect representatives that follow Dharma.  We need Science to be paramount in our value systems or we will perish.  We need to save ourselves, not wait for a Savior to save us.  We have to each take responsibility for our individual footprint on the planet!

 Finding Dharma within yourself is the place to start. Sit quietly and watch the world around you - people, animals, Nature.  Animals and Nature have not changed due to the virus. People have changed behaviors - or not.  Over a million have left the planet, but the virus is here to stay.  Nature produced the virus in response to human ignorance of Dharma.  The virus is not going anywhere and it will thrive as along as humans fail to follow Dharma.

Throughout human history, plagues have arrived in societies where there is tremendous inequality in class; a few very rich and many very poor.  Social divisions prime the pump for civil unrest from everyday citizens. Rich, powerful leaders run the government to serve their own short-sided ideology.  There is no democracy, only

an imbalance. Simultaneously, Nature  undergoes climate change in the area.  This physical shift often goes unnoticed or is minimized. If the climate issues aren't addressed, the civilization fails despite human prayers and efforts.  We are at this same point of imbalance that past empires have faced. Most no longer exist except as stone pillars and carved stone.

If humans don't heed the warning signs, Nature will eliminate us from the planet.

Dharma does not require us to exist. Nature does not need us.  The Mother Earth will do just fine without us. Dharma is the only path that sustains us.

                                           Do your part to live the Dharma way!

                                                  Melinda Ann