February 2019

​​Symbols are active representations of concepts that reflect the relationship between objects, people and events in the outer world. During the dream state, their energy radiates at specific vibratory levels that provide a "knowingness" to the dreamer. This sensing of what a symbol means is a right-brain activity that has been used by artists of all disciplines to convey meaning without words since ancient times.

All  symbols can be categorized into specific patterns and often they are an expression of one archetype. For example, take the image of a baby. It symbolizes birth or new beginnings and it stems from the Archetype "Death-Rebirth". People have a strong emotional response when they see a baby because it evokes feelings (in the moment reaction) and emotions (reactions based on the past) from the unconscious mind. On this level, there is no conscious thought involved in the mental process - just  spontaneous feelings that stem from the archetype involve. Most people will tell you that seeing a baby - either in the outer world or in a dream - represents new beginnings.

Some symbols are clearly related to just one archetypal pattern while other symbols reflect qualities of two or three, and therefore, they manifest somewhere in the space between the "pure" archetypes. Think of a witch: she reflects the archetypal energy of both the Feminine and Adversary Archetypes. The combination informs you of how she is perceived: female with ill intentions towards others. In a story, the witch may also exist in time. She can exist as the woman who has been around for a long time and never changes (Death-Rebirth) or she may exist on a path of transformation (Journey) where she changes her mind, attitude and actions an evolves into a gentle, kind woman.

Archetypal patterns reflect duality unless it a symbol of the Self Archetype which represents unity - one. Consider the duality of Masculine vs. Feminine, Adversary vs. Hero,  time: cyclic (Death-Rebirth)  vs. linear (Journey). In your dream analysis, once you define which archetypes are active in a dream symbol, you discover knowledge about why the symbol appears in your dream and why it is applicable to your choices, actions and attitude about events and people in your daily life.

​Dreams provide insight in your interaction in the outer world. For example, if you find yourself in conflict with a teacher and you treat them as though he/she is the adversary, you will most likely chose either a Masculine Archetypal approach - fight back by arguing and remaining firm in your position or the Feminine Archetypal approach - being submissive and trying to please. If your approach does not resolve the conflict, but merely escalates the animosity in your outer world or your inner space, you may dream of your teacher as a tyrant or dictator (Adversary). Once you see how the approach you are using is not giving you the outcome you want, you can consciously choose to activate the opposite archetypal pattern in your behavior. You can choose to change your approach which will result in a new interaction with your teacher and thus, open a new way of moving forward beyond the conflict. Choosing the opposite archetypal energy in your outer world will bring resolution in both your inner space and outer world. Once resolution has occurred, you will no longer see the symbol or the archetypal pattern in your dreams.

Daily life patterns manifest as diffractions of Archetypes that are expressed in words, actions and perceptions. Listed below are the pattern combinations you use and encounter in your daily life:

Death/Rebirth          Journey               Death/Rebirth          Journey

Masculine                Masculine            Masculine                Masculine

Hero                         Hero                    Adversary                Adversary

Death/Rebirth          Journey               Death/Rebirth           Journey

Feminine                  Feminine             Feminine                  Feminine

Hero                         Hero                    Adversary                 Adversary

For the fun of it, identify times in your life when you have manifested each Archetypal combination in your daily life. Ask yourself, which is your favorite

"modis operandi" ?  Next, what object would you chose to symbolize each life pattern?

If you happen to be addressing Life as a path towards Self-Realization, you will want to add "The Self" Archetype to each of the basic patterns listed above. You  see Life as serving a different purpose:  removing duality by activating "oneness" in both your inner space, as well as, your outer world. This is key to releasing karma that binds the soul to world-process.

The Self            The Self     The Self            The Self      The Self             The Self

Death/Rebirth   Journey      Death/Rebirth   Journey       Death/Rebirth    Journey

Masculine         Masculine   Masculine         Feminine     Feminine           Feminine

Hero                  Hero           Adversary         Hero            Hero                   Adversary

For further understanding of the implications of these patterns, think of two characters in literature who symbolize each group of characteristics. Then, think of two people from history whose life models each archetypal pattern.

So, now you can look at the symbols that appear in your dream state and begin to unravel the reason why your Dream Ego presented them to you when your conscious mind was asleep. If you contemplate the symbols in your dreams, you will gain deeper insight into yourself and how and why your outer world manifests the way it does. Enjoy the journey!

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