Melinda Ann P e t e r s on

October 2018

Negative feelings disturb our inner world. Disliked since they signal one's unwillingness to accept "what 'is", we often just let them roll around in our consciousness and create disruptive "mind chatter": looping thought cycles with no where to go. 

 We are taught in Western culture, to look at negative thoughts as "bad" or "evil", but this way of labeling negative feelings only leads to guilt or shame which doesn't dispel the cycle, it  only inflames it with energy. Eastern esoteric teachings suggest that negative thoughts can be described as either "pain-producing" or "pain-relieving"; "in harmony" or "dissonance" with the outer world or the Higher Principles that source from the Essence of Life: Spirit.

How you look at your negative feelings will determine what you decide to do with them. You have choice! You can see them as something you ignore or you can flee from them. Both these choices keep the potential thought energy trapped within your patterns of action - the behavior you act out in the outer world. You may act grumpy or find someone to blame. You may act aggressive or play the victim role. Or, you may "own" yourself as the source of disturbance and choose to initiate some changes within yourself and then act in a new way.

When you use negative feelings as a source of energy to bring about change, you change potential thought energy into kinetic energy that shifts the patterns in the time/space continuum. The shift must first appear in your mind when you decide to think about how you would act if you were coming from a place of strength within yourself. This takes you from being a victim to being the master of yourself. Next, since you have a new perspective, you act as the master of yourself in the outer world, knowing full well this will cause a disturbance in your current situation. But, it will feel better to have the negativity in the outer world rather than keeping it imprisoned within.

Now, address the situation in the outer world based on truth, as you know it. This is where you have to get "real" and maintain mental focus and fortitude. When your personal truth aligns with the Higher Principles, you are in alignment with the real, unchanging Truth which is defined as Ethics or spiritual truths that form the core of all esoteric teachings from all religions Man has created to guide himself through the maze of human existence. Stand in your truth and confront the adversary in your reality.

Harmful experiences leave indelible scars in the human mind. These scars trigger negative feelings until they are addressed and bring about change. All social change stems from a choice to alleviate human suffering - for the individual, the group, the culture. Corrupt behavior by people  in positions of power is inevitable when a "Me First" attitude, greed and aggression are used to sustain the cultural pattern. Only when the masses stand up and say "No More" will we tolerate the norm of our culture, do shifts in thinking occur. 

Social change manifests by yoking the power of the minds of victims together and then, going into action. The result is a shift in the mind-set of the culture. This is the real shift in human consciousness that is sustainable because it truly expresses the Higher Principles that celebrate the dignity of all living things - from the ant to the Mother Earth. There are no rallies to keep people angry and emotional so they don't realize that  people in power are creating an autocracy by weakening a democracy. There is no enslavement of the working class so a few can yield their power and wealth to keep the masses controlled through fear and financial strife.

The time for social change is ripe! The world is in strife - be it within yourself, your family, your culture, between world leaders - Life is pushing us towards changing our minds about what we are willing to accept and where we are going.

When you watch on TV a town in Syria being destroyed by bombs from foreign countries and the leader of the country, think to yourself, this could be my town.

When you see a whole generation of children starving in Yemen while food sits on the docks, think to yourself, those could be my children.

When you see American schools just down the block from your house, turning into institutions that are protected by armed guards, you may want to take a look at what is becoming "normal" in your culture.

So instead of  just trying to remove negative feelings from your own mind,  take that energy and use it to act from a new space within yourself and in every situation where you interact in the outer world. That way you ARE the change. Your mind generates the shift in consciousness that humanity needs to make the Higher Principles of Peace, Compassion and Truth Real instead of mere abstractions in thought.

                                    Go into action and BE THE CHANGE!​  


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