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   I offer you an excerpt from my lecture on the."Yoga of Action" chapter which I feel shines light on to why this time on the planet is so bizarre. To find more lectures on this ancient text, go to my patreon site and join my Ancient Texts Tier.

  • Excerpt from Bhagavad Gita9:50

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Let's think about LOVE, RESPECT AND TRUTH....

LOVE is the gentle feeling in your chest.

     Close your eyes for a few minutes and focus on your heartspace. Breathe. Sow down.

RESPECT is honoring the other person's right to exist.

     Treat others with kindness while acknowledging your sameness and differences.

TRUTH is at peace with itself. It is not personal.

     Once all that is false disappears, only the truth remains.

Pick one to be your guide for the day.

Put it into action and your day will be more peaceful.

We can choose how our day will be.