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Intune Idaho Yoga Studio

Our Approach

At Intune Idaho Yoga Studio, we offer a gentle style of movement. We begin where you are right now - how you feel in your body and mind & we modify all movements to your particular needs that day. With class size limited to only 5 students in every class, you receive lots of personal attention. No previous experience is necessary.

Our Style 

Ahimsa Yoga  is based on the concept of harmonizing body/mind/Spirit through "nonviolence". Nonviolent movement means there is no pushing nor striving. There is no goal to be achieved. There is no anger towards the body nor the past; there is only the present moment.

This style of Yoga was created by Yogini Melinda Peterson over 35 years of teaching Yoga). It leads students to discover the body's hidden ability for healing itself:
    the right frame of mind

    the right attitude towards the body

    learning to surrender to "what is" going on in the body

Imbalances are seen as a life lesson -a reflection of an imbalance that must be unwound and released through nonviolent thought and movement in the present moment. Once the imbalance disappears from the mind and body, all aspects harmonize and healing occurs.

Private Yoga & Meditation Instruction Session with Melinda   $65/hour

Contact Melinda  208-705-2730

Yoga Classes for You!

Class with Yarrow Miller  (one hour)  

                  Mondays  7 p          Wednesdays 7:00 p          Saturdays  10 a           

           Register Student  $10/class    Contact   208-240-8390

           Drop-in fee  $13/class    Punch cards will be available starting in January 2020

 Class with Yogini Melinda Peterson  (one-hour yoga + 1/2-hour meditation)

                 Tuesdays  12 p              Wednesdays  4:30 p        Friday 12 p

               Registered Student Fee  $20/class    Contact  208-705-2730

               Periodic Attendance  $25    Punch cards will be available staring in January 2020

Parent / Child ClassesYoga for parent & one or two kids (9 & up)   Saturdays 11:30-12:30

Spend time together having fun and benefiting from the wonderful effects Yoga has on the body & mind.

Poses are simple and gentle and make everyone feel better. A great way to bond while releasing stress.

Every class ends with "partner poses" ~ one parent & one child teaming up to do "yoga" with each other!

Registered Student Fee   $10/person    Drop-ins  $13/person

Register with Yarrow  208-240-8390



Tier Two  $20/mo.   Videos of Ahimsa Yoga

Videos for Restoring Wellness to the body  ( all under 18 min.)

               Standing poses for a gentle warm-up for the whole Body

               Floor poses for a gentle warm-up for the whole Body

              Stress-releasing routine for the arms, shoulders, wrists & hands

              Stress-releasing routine for the neck, face & eyes

              Restorative routine for the hips

  The Healing Power of Restorative Yoga  ( 2.5 hours) 


Exploring the Healing Power of Ahimsa Yoga  online

Intune Idaho Yoga Studio  

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"An Intimate Space for Healing through Nonviolence"

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