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Part 1

Gentle Movement for Lower Body

Part 2   Gentle Movement for Upper Body

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Practicing Yoga in a manner that suits your personal limitations, provides a way to restore balance to your body/mind connection, improve flexibility and strength and make you feel well. It is perfect for beginners with limited mobility.

Yarrow Miller is accepting new students in all classes except Saturdays at 11:30.

She has been involved in a "Yoga immersion experience" with her teacher, Melinda Peterson, for over a year and is an excellent teacher now and will continue to deepen her understanding of Yogic philosophy and restorative movement everyday. Yarrow is featured in Intune Idaho Yoga videos and is certified to teach this style of Yoga. 


                                    About Ahimsa Yoga 

Ahimsa Yoga  is based on the concept of harmonizing body/mind/Spirit through "nonviolence". Nonviolent movement means there is no pushing nor striving. There is no goal to be achieved.There is no anger towards the body nor the past; there is only the present moment.

This style of Yoga leads to discovery of the body's hidden ability for healing itself:

the right frame of mind, the right attitude towards the body and learning to surrender to "what is" going on in the body. Imbalances are seen as a life lesson -

a reflection of an imbalance that must be unwound and released through nonviolent thought and movement in the present moment. Once the imbalance disappears from the mind and body, all aspects harmonize and healing occurs.

This style of Yoga is the creation of Yogini Melinda Ann Peterson and draws from her knowledge and experience as a dancer, healer, Hatha Yoga instructor, philosopher, and human being over the past 50 years.  Melinda developed this style through her own healing experiences over the years: a car accident in 1990 that left her 85% disabled from the waist up; in 2012 - thyroid storm, congestive heart failure, a-vib and sepsis.

Melinda teaches private students on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon and she is accepting new students in October. She is also available for private sessions for $65/hour.  Contact her via email:  or 208-705-2730

Exploring the Healing Power of Ahimsa Yoga

Intune Idaho Yoga Studio has a new video for those of you who only have a few minutes to practice yoga. This video offers 4 sets of poses that support restoring balance to different areas of your body : the whole body - standing and floor poses, as well as, one for the shoulders, arms wrists and hands and one for the face, neck and eyes.

The entire video is 57 minutes in length. No previous yoga experience is required to  benefit.

If you are interested in buying this video, the cost is $30. It can be delivered to youvia download. Payment can be made through Paypal. Contact Melinda, if interested @

This entire video is now available at


for a small donation of $20/month. Your membership on Patreongives you access to this and other yoga videos and meditations. You can cancel at any time.

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