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February 2020

As we humans wander through life with our minds full of unsatisfied wants and desires. Few seldom take time to step back and see where they are going. We are driven as a species - by survival or power or money and the trajectory is set for achieving the goal - be it food in the belly or a corporate takeover - no matter where we live in the world. We seek pats on the back for our marvelous achievements - how smart and clever we are; how mighty we are in our ability to determine the fate of so many by the mere stroke of a pen or a command from a madman in power. We think of ourselves as smart because we can figure out how to make things, to understand various aspects of the world around us. We may even think of ourselves as "masters of the universe" - the ones in control; that we are the miracle; the only sign of intelligence in the universe. But, we are not the miracle: Life is!

We cannot create Life that is aware of itself. We cannot control the weather nor even agree to do what is necessary to save the Earth. We barely stop bickering long enough get along with each other as countries unless a common enemy, like the COVID 19 virus, shows up on the scene. We have lost sight of the miracle of life itself when we pay no attention to the effect humans are having on the planet and each other.

I have no control over others; it is enough to be in charge of myself - my choices, my actions and my attitude. But, I do stop and wonder what kind of an effect I am having on my surroundings and the people who are part of my life.

As long as I am breathing and capable of making a contribution, I want to be harmless and give back to Life for this incredible experience that has brought me from conception to this point of "being".

I must not miss the point of it all: it is not the details about input, nor the cause that is important - it is the effect that Life's flow is taking as it evolves into tomorrow.  That is what IS important.

Life is intelligent without us. It does not need us; but we cannot exist without its presence within us. We can make it stay in us for one breath longer, but we can't regenerate its essence. We can't bring the dead back to life. In the long run, if we fail to see Life for the miracle it is, we miss the point of the experience.

Do you ever ask yourself where is Life taking you? Where you are sending yourself by the way you think and act? Do you ever question which direction you came from? Or where you are now? How do you know how you are doing in this life - your life? Do you know what effect your presence has on the life of another?

Taking the time to see the effect you are having on yourself and the lives of others, is part of the miracle of Life: to be awake enough to SEE yourself and others and to CARE to ACT in a loving way because you are in awe of this miracle you are experiencing while there is still time!

Be awake and present in the effect you choose!

Melinda Ann

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Life is the Miracle!