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Linear vs. Cyclic Growth

September 2019

There is a time in our life to move

forward and a time to settle down.

Moving forward initiates transition

into something new, while maintaining

an existing pattern reinforces it.

There is a mathematical name for this

principle that focuses on the distinction

between the two choices. It is called

the "Transitive Property" and it  is a

simple way to understand these two


Transitive:  c<b  &  b< a; therefore c<a  

         C is less than b & b is less than a, then c is less than a

         =  movement is linear & progressive

Intransitive:  c<b & b<a &  a<c

            C is less than b & b is less than a & a is less than c

          =  movement is cyclic and feeds back in on itself

There are two points to note about this property:

 1) It does not hold true for numbers that are absolute values, i.e.,

     when there is no distinction between the + and - value of the number

2) The numbers only hold value relative to one another

So why bring this up?

    Every person has to make choices everyday in life; some are small and some are truly significant. Sometimes it doesn't matter whether you move forward or you repeat the same movement, but others times, considering whether you need growth vs. maintenance requires you to consider the consequences of your choices.

Think of the Archetypes of Time: Journey and Cyclic. A journey requires you to move forward, advancing your stride one step at a time while staying in a cycle limits your choice and forces you to repeat steps you have taken before: staying stuck.

Staying stuck is like eating leftovers: sometimes they taste better for a time and then, they turn stale and unsavory and need to be thrown out. Most everything one encounters turns stale over time.....relationships, exercise,

work.....and eventually, you either just go to sleep to the monotony of it all, going mentally asleep to your life or you get angry and frustrated and use that energy to burst out of the cycle and go "linear"!

Wow! What a scary thought! Making a change! Now your conscience tries to make you feel responsible for the happiness of everyone who is going to be affected by your choice to change.....and you may put the brakes on.... for a minute, but eventually, you will find yourself back at the same spot of eating leftovers, and decide that you are done and that you just need to move on...

go linear.....

The more you know your Inner Self by listening to it and honoring what it is saying, the easier it is to move forward in your life....to take that next step - be it into a long-term cycle brought on by marriage or divorce; decide to have a child or commit to your dream, you have set in motion a cycle that will evolve over time.

Or your Inner Self may be saying you need to move on and go on an adventure - to explore and experience the unknown. And many times, Life itself makes the decision for you and you just have to adjust to "what is". That is the time when training yourself to live "mindfully" pays off because the bumps in the road are still there, but you are more skilled at absorbing the shocks.

And remember, only you can place a value on the steps you make; only you can decide the value of a choice by considering what is important to you - your dream, your health, your wealth? What do you value the most?

Without saying anything, your choices reveal the order of importance you place on the things/people/dreams you find in your life. You don't need to explain yourself....your choices reveal you like an open book.

                                          Make a choice!

                                       Melinda Ann

Adviser on Life and Expanding Consciousness        Visionary      Esoteric Teacher