‚Äč  Melinda Ann P e t e r s on

Navigating a Changing World

March 16, 2020

A common enemy. Imminent danger. Gripping fear.

A virus sends world governments scrambling; world economic markets tumbling from record highs. Those boasting egos of power are stripped bare and standing exposed.

Who can save us from this product of Nature now?

Failing to remember that Earth is a living, breathing organism does not change the way Nature functions. The biological systems that manifest as Life on this planet have evolved over billions of years to sustain Life. Nature drives itself to survive and thrive. It does so in an intelligent way  -  without emotion. As with any existing life form, adaptation occurs until it is no longer capable of adapting: then it dies.

We all live in Death's Shadow - all day, everyday - whether we are aware of it or not.

Many people live with acute awareness of this fact. They reside in man-made disaster zones - war zones, migrant camps, detention centers, the list is long. We, who reside outside of these zones, only see pictures of suffering - of children dying and starving. But, it only lasts a brief moment as an image on the screen. Then, its gone. It is not our reality.

Before the virus, millions of people were viewed as the common enemy - a social blight due to social, economic and political standards. Now, a worldwide pandemic is the common enemy. The chances that someone you love will die from it are high. Your world is rocking!

You can't even buy a loaf of bread because you want to these days, without facing fear.

Does Nature have your attention NOW?

We are living in the time when imbalances Man has set in motion over the past few hundred years, are bearing fruit. As a species, we have created a better way of life for some by disregarding the devastating effects our choices are having on other living creatures and the planet itself.

We ignore these facts by changing the channel; clicking on a new site.

It is so easy to live in ignorance.

Until now.

We are caught up in a worldwide crisis that demands an immediate shift in consciousness.  We have driven ourselves to this point of reckoning by our own choices, as a species. This pandemic is changing the way we live - rich and poor, no matter the color of our skin or religion.

Do not fool yourself by thinking we can navigate this new paradigm with the same mindset and leaders that have graced the stage of human drama in the past. We can't. Even as some survive this pandemic, the next critical crisis is just waiting to emerge as the climate of the Earth is changing.

This year - the whole year - is going to be a game-changer, so I hope you are awake and paying attention. Prepare yourself to make changes in your outer world and your Inner Space.

Live with awareness of yourself as a part of the whole of humanity.

Act with compassion and consideration of other humans and all living things.

Check in on your neighbor.

Be grateful for what you do have. Share.

Put down your phone. Turn off your devices. Sit quietly and feel the presence of Life in this moment. Feel what is like to be part of the living.

Grow some lettuce in your own space. Participate in sustaining life on the planet.

Take a walk at night and look at the sky; contemplate the vastness of universe.

Wake yourself up and stay awake so you can adapt to "what is" today

and what is coming tomorrow.

Melinda Ann