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Kids have open minds that are curious and vitally interested in the world around them.

Each child has a unique way of seeing, inquiring, gathering and learning. So, how do

parents  and teachers keep supporting this natural, mind-expanding experience and

encourage continued joy in discovery once attendance at school begins?

Having spent most of my life raising and teaching children from many different backgrounds

and learning styles, I have created a simple, fun way to prepare a kid's body and mind for

just that: an open mind that can focus, concentrate, absorb and integrate information

without stress.

I call this method, 1-2-3 Learning Stress Free. It's composed of simple movements that are

performed right next to a child's desk at school or practiced with or without a parent before

school or homework.

The whole routine only takes 6 minutes and its fun to do for kids of all ages. Once a child knows

the routine, he/she can perform it on their own, prior to learning, testing or performing music

or sports  - any experience that requires a focused mind.  It may only take 6 minutes to perform,

but it will make a world of difference for the child's confidence and self-esteem. 

I designed this routine to:  

    Awaken awareness of the body in space

            Bring the body and mind to a "present" state of awareness 

    Calm the body through breath/movement integration

           Lower heart rate and blood pressure

    Calm the nerves

           Draw the focus away from "feelings" to the task at hand

    Teach simple movements in a pattern

           Release stress from muscles & diminish  restlessness

    Turn on both brain hemispheres

           Bring balance between the two ways the brain handles information

    Integrate brain hemispheres

          Awaken the whole brain so learning occurs with "one mind"


 Link the body and brain

          Coordinate physical and mental activity to create acute attention and focus

 Integrate all senses with the brain and body

         Single-focus the mind so concentration occurs naturally

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1-2-3 Learning Stress Free is Perfect for:

    Teachers during class time - Kindergarten through High School

    Parents before school & prior to homework - to improve attitudes and abilities of kids of all ages

    Adults  who want to sharpen the mind by integrating brain hemispheres,improving concentration

                and memory skills 

For more insight into this simple routine, be sure to read my article "1-2-3 Learning: It's in the Details!

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1-2-3  Learning Stress Free