Free recordings, on breathing practices, audio lectures guided meditations and

                           restorative yoga

Tier 0   Young Bodies & Minds  $7/mo. offers a wonderful way to get kids learning without   

               stress by following along with Melinda's 1-2-3 Learning Stress-Free videos. You will 

              and also find articles and practices to help kids concentrate. For fun and creative

                activities, you can share Melinda's  "God & Me" coloring book that introduces kids to the

                "being" part of themselves without being religious(spiritual: expose them to the chakras,

                meditation, yoga and awareness of oneself as an individual.

Tier 1   Guided Meditations  $10/mo. for expanding consciousness, gaining                 

                 control of the mind and awareness function; dealing with uncomfortable    

                feelings & emotions; Pranayama (Yogic breathing practices), accessing healing Life 

                 Force (Prana)

Tier 2   $20/mo.   Therapeutic Yoga Videos and articlesthat provide ways to

                perform movement that enhances flexibility, gain strength without pain and reduce

                discomfort in the process. Geared for the person who wants a gentle, slow way to 


Tier 3    $30/mo.   Exploring Consciousnessthrough audio and video recordings of 

                 workshops on meditation, the mind, the mind/spirit connection; the chakra purification

                 process; written manuals; guided meditations; questions for contemplation.

Tier 4   $10/mo.   Dream Analysisoffers recordings of live workshops where participants are 

                 analyzing their dreams with Melinda's guidance, using a variety of techniques that aid in

                 discovering the subtle message/meaning of a dreams. Includes written material and access to

                 Melinda's Symbol and Synchronicity Manual that can aid you in analyzing your own dreams.

Tier 5   $10/mo. Life Study Discussions are recordings between Melinda and private

                students on a  single topic, such as patience, integrating spiritual work into your daily

                life, the nature of the Seer, to name a few. This Tier is only open to people who are         

               currently engaged in a "private student/teacher" relationship with Melinda. For more info  

               on how to become a private student, go to Private Student at this website.

Tier 6   $20/mo.  Ancient Textsis the place to come to learn more about the basic

                 concepts that are required for understanding ancient esoteric writings, such as the

                 Bhagavad Gita, the Raja Yoga Sutras, The Tao to Ching; Sufism, and early Christian

                 texts. Currently, Melinda is publishing a lecture series called "Teachings from the

                 Masters" which explores one topic, such as "what is sin?" as it appears through various  

                 ancient texts.

Throughout my life, I have been creative - loving to dance, draw, paint, study and write. At a very young age, I started to keep journals - to record my observations about life create a way to pull information together at a later date. This childhood behavior has led me to research, write and eventually lecture about subjects that fascinate me.

Now that I am 69, I realize I have amassed a lot of information over the past 6 decades. I have also discovered that most people want to have an experience, not just read about other people's experiences, so I have created quite a library of audio recordings that can guide you into spaces in your mind that you may have never encounter before. I am a spiritual teacher to a few people on this planet and I am planning to continue working and created, as such, until it is no longer an option (for whatever reason).

So, I hope I may serve as a guide for you and your children through the work I publish on Patreon. My site contains various Tiers and you can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time. The price for each Tier varies and each Tier offers specific items to assist you in expanding your understanding and experience of the outer world and Inner Space - the Mind.... Consciousness.

To help you better grasp what I offer, I have listed my Tiers below and provided information on what you can expect to find today and in the future at this particular point on my site. I am adding articles and guided practices and meditations every week. I am working on new projects for publication all the time, so I hope you will consider perusing my patreon page and joining my community today. Your financial support ensures that I can keep creating ways to help people be more in tune with oneself, others and the world we live in!


  Melinda Ann P e t e r s on

Esoteric Teacher  & Adviser

for Expanding consciousness