Young Bodies & Minds Tier  $7/mo.
  •  Offers Melinda's 1-2-3 Learning Stress-Free videos and articles.
  • You will and also find articles and practices to help kids concentrate, move and grow in happiness.
  • For fun and creative activities, you can share Melinda's "God & Me" coloring book that introduces kids to the "being" part of themselves without being religious(spiritual: expose them to the chakras, meditation, yoga and awareness of oneself as an individual.

Meditation Tier  $10/mo. Includes access to Young Bodies & Minds

  • For calming the mind and body
  • Relaxing with "what is" going on
  • Improving concentration and focus skills
  • Controlling the breath
  • Accessing Healing Life Force
  • Expanding consciousness and awareness of the Outer World
  • Expanding consciousness and awareness of your Inner Space
  • Mind Practices for those who are ready for more advanced experiences in Mind Space

10  Gentle Yoga Videos  $20/mo.

     Includes access to ancient texts, meditationsand Young Bodies & Minds

  • Gentle movement patterns that enhance flexibility & strength without pain
  • Reduce discomfort in sitting,standing & sleeping
  • Geared for the person who needs a gentle, slow path to wellness.
  •  Three videos for practicing yoga on a massage table for those who are unable to get to the ground
  • All videos target specific areas   13-18 minutes in length

Ancient Texts  $20/mo.  

   Includes access to Yoga videos, meditations and Young Bodies & Minds

  • Teachings from the Masters Explore and compare spiritual concepts from the East & West by comparing Christianity, Yogic philosophy, Taoism

  • The Bhagavad Gita - an ancient Yogic text that is considered a masterpiece in ethics and harmless living. This series will give you a more complete understanding of Yogic thought.

Explore Consciousness $30/mo. Access to all published material

  • Being One in the SpiritSeries   

              5 videos + manual

             Learn about ego, Self, intuition, mind/body connection

  • Purification of the Chakras Series 

           10 lectures, notes, meditations, yoga poses

  • Natural Evolution of Consciousness

           through Meditation 

           video workshop + manual

  • Staying In Tune with Spirit 

             2- hour audio workshop + manual

  • Dream Analysis  14 analysis techniques

  • Astrology Basics 5 videos + manual = intro level course

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