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Peace is Benevolent

January 2020

Peace creates unity: war divides. In peace, the innocent win; the corrupt are thwarted.

In war, a corrupt man acts to create chaos; to destroy order through deception and lies. Those who support the corrupt man and hold their tongue against cruelty are as guilty as the man who leads any country on the path of destruction.

Astrologically,  we have entered a time for war. In times past, an astrologer to a king would have seen the current conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, as just that. We will see many vicious acts over the next several months. However, Saturn is moving into Aquarius in March 2020 and this will bring about an evenentual shift in consciousness towards greater well-being for all of humanity. You cannot want good fortune for yourself alone; you cannot be complacent since it is not your town that is being bombed nor your family that is suffering due to the cruel actions implemented by a foreign leader. Our world is too connected now due to technology to believe that the actions of one do not affect the whole world.

When we view humanity as a whole, living on a single organism called Earth, our perspective on Life is more accurate. The Industrial Age has poisoned the world and created great division. We are wallowing in the mess it created while a few benefited from it. Now, as we enter The Technological Age, the consequences of the past engulf the planet in karma of past generations and leave the chaos to the young to solve.

This vicious disregard towards the Earth and future generations harms the innocent.

We can no longer bury our heads in the sands of past regimes around the world. We can no longer be selfish in our thinking by continuing to allow corporations and short-sighted interests to lead humanity down this path of destruction.

Whether we like it or not, we all live on the same planet; we all breathe the same air. The number of people being displaced by wars and environmental disasters is growing exponentially around the world. To sit back and think that it is not happening to you, is living in an illusion! Spending time worrying about the little worries that stand in the way of your immediate happiness, is to avoid the truth.

It is time to take action and move forward by supporting leaders who see the bigger picture; who listen to the scientists and surround themselves with intelligent people who have spent their lives seeking to support the whole of humanity. The corrupt leaders of this world need to be removed from power in every country. Corruption is selfish and vicious towards the innocent and calling the vicious "innocent" is to delude yourself of the Truth. People around the world are rising up and will overthrow the corrupt and this will bring about a New Age of Humanity that can be supported by technology rather than being destroyed by it.

Be a part of this new paradigm! Take action everyday and be a part of the change!

Melinda Ann