There are 26 Mind Practices in this series which are based on the ancient Yogic text called the "Raja Yoga Sutras".

Written down around 200 B.C.E. by a man named Patanjali, it is believed to be more ancient - around 5,000 years old.

The Yogis of old were excellent observers and concentraters. Their minds were highly trained: they could draw the mind into single-focus on one object or expand it out to be aware of  All That IS. Their minds could penetrate deeply into subtle planes of reality (in the teachings, there is mention of "atoms") or pierce deeply into outer space (mention of the nature of stars as gaseous burning masses can be found).

In today's busy world, individuals are losing the ability to concentrate; they are too overwhelmed with a plethora of options and most time is spent jumping from one site to another. The ability to contemplate deeply a single thought - to allow the thought to mature and evolve within the mind - is not widely practiced in technologically advanced societies unless you are wandering the halls of research labs and universities.

But, having experienced the benefits of this ancient knowledge, I created these practices as a way to preserve

the techniques which are taught in this ancient text.

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The following practices are designed to improve the control you have over your own mind. Before you can truly meditate - enter a state of no thought - you must first learn to hold your awareness at a single focus point for some time - several minutes. 

For best results, use the following practices in sequential order, spending a minimum of 1 week of daily practice on each before moving on to the next. Trying to move quickly through this series will result in failure. Be patient and concentrate! 


     Most people can hold a single thought for only 7 seconds. This lack of mental discipline affects memory, learning and the evolution of one's consciousness. To remedy this problem,  Melinda offers recorded guided practices to improve concentration and objective observation skills using ancient Yogic practices.

     You are welcome to use these practices. Consistent use over a period of time will improve your mental acuity, memory retention and critical thinking skills. Practice them long enough, and you will learn how to enter  "Superconsciousness". To access more practices and guided meditations to support a peaceful inner state of being, visit my patreon site


  • So-Ham Breath14:39

  • Resting the Body in Silence10:37

Mind Practices

  • 3rd Eye Awareness30:21

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  • Candle Stare15:51

Practices that Lead to a Superconscious Mind

"Muscovite/ Subtle Planes"   Painting by Melinda Peterson 

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  • Space between thoughts9:00

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  • Expanding Inner Space9:59

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