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Preparing for Dream Analysis

Equipment Needed

  • Dream Journal - I suggest using "focusnotes" by TOPS which is available at office supply stores (Office Depot, Staples). This note-taking system has a stiff backing which makes is easy to write in and it is wired at the top instead of the left side of the page. It provides a place for the date, the purpose, a cue column and summary section and is 2-sided. You will need to punch holes in these pages once you remove the current dream from this notebook and store it in your binder.
  • Binder to store your recorded dream and analysis work
  • Lined paper with holes that you will use to analyzie each dream
  • Writing instrument
  • Highlighting pens - several colors

Discipline in Two Stages

Stage One - Record your dreams

     It is important to write down your dream in your Dream Journal upon awakening so you can capture as many details as possible about the dream. So, keep your Dream Journal next to your bed and write down as much detail as you can recall in the "notes" section of the page. You can come back at a later time and analyze any dream, but you can't often hold onto a dream long after you awaken. Be sure to number and date the dream, as it will be valuable information during the analysis process. Give the dream a title in the top section of the page.

Stage Two - Analyze your dreams

   Taking time to analyze a dream's theme or the significance of a symbol requires conscious effort because you are learning a new language - a new way of looking at your world. When you have the time to study a dream you have captured, choose one dream from your notebook and read what you have written. In the "cue column" write down any significant symbols that appeared. Next, look through the various techniques I will be giving you in later articles and choose one that you want to use for your analysis. Next to "purpose" at the top right corner of the page, write down the name of the technique you are using to study the dream. Remove the dream from your notebook, punch holes in it and store it in your binder.

Next, analyze the dream on lined paper, using the technique you chose. It may take several pages to complete the process. Work slowly and allow your intuition and gut feelings to be part of the experience. Follow the instructions that describe each step of the particular technique. Once you have finished with the analysis, return to the original paper that contains your dream notes and write a brief summary of the dream's significance: state the kernel of truth it revealed to you. Note any body signals or life experiences that occur after you have analyzed the dream in the section of the page labeled "summary".

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