Esoteric Teacher  & Adviser

for Expanding consciousness

  Melinda Ann P e t e r s on

Personal Guidance for Expanding Your Consciousness

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You can read all the books you want and "window-shop" lots of workshops, but without a personal teacher  who has gone further on the Path of realizing his/her full consciousness, you will wander and often impede your own development.

Permanent shifts in consciousness have always required a personal teacher: one who observes you - your choices, attitude, conditionings, hang-ups and potential - and then provides the appropriate tools you need to become a master of yourself.

Each private student receives one private discussion session per month (1 to 1.5 hours) with Melinda, during which time analysis of personal events, dreams and apparent shifts in consciousness are discussed. Following each private session, Melinda provides the student with study and work material through her site on Patreon to support personal progress. This includes guided meditations and breathing practices;  workshops audio lectures and written material.

A private student pays a monthly payment to cover Melinda's time and contribute to this ongoing learning experience. Monthly payments (for an amount agreed upon by the student and Melinda) are made by a set date through Paypal. A monthly fee of $30 to secure membership to Melinda's Patreon page is also required. Either the student or Melinda can cease this arrangement at any time.

Melinda works with a small number of students at a time. If you are interested in this personal learning experience, contact Melinda at