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Private Students

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       I work with a small number of students on a monthly basis:

  • A private student spends time with me once a month to discuss  whatever is on the mind - dreams, experiences, pursuing clarity on spiritual text or discovering what practices are relevant to exploring one's state of being

  • A sound recording of each session is sent to the student following each discussion. This is used by the student to review & deepen understanding of one's current obstacles or awakenings.

  • Private students are part of my Patreon community. Each month I  guide my student to appropriate material on Patreon that supports growth, based on our monthly teacher/student session. This includes: meditations and mind practices; breathing practices;  yoga videos; workshops - audio and video lectures and written material. $30/month

  • A Private student pays a "student fee" at the first of every month through Paypal. The fee amount is agreed upon by both parties and may be canceled/changed at any time.