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Personal Guide for Expanding Consciousness



Personal Guidance for Expanding Your Consciousness

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Panting  "Conception"  by Melinda Peterson  1996 

S. Merzel Collection

You can read all the books you want and "window-shop" lots of workshops, but without a personal teacher

who has gone further on the Path of realizing his/her full consciousness, you will wander and often impede

your own development.

Permanent shifts in consciousness have always required a personal teacher: a teacher who will observe you -

your choices, attitude, conditionings, hang-ups and potential - and then provide you with the appropriate tools

you need to become a master of yourself. A personal teacher is capable of expanding your consciousness in a

slow, methodical way that leads to permanent awakening of your mind that leads you to the Spirit within.

A teacher connects you with your Inner teacher: the "Self", as it is called in many Esoteric teachings.

Melinda is one such teacher. She chooses people who show potential for Self-realizationand guides then

through experiences in both the inner and outer worlds. Through this process, dormant centers in the brain

wake up and  the student's perception of the world evolves to a new level: a new way of "seeing". Progress is

supported by a commitment to do the work: consistent practice over a period of time through daily meditation

and observation of "the conditioned self" and its interactions with the outer world. Dream analysis and life events

are also explored through symbolic interpretation to glean a deeper understanding of the role they play in one's

personal growth. "Journaling" about specific questions presented by Melinda, along with reading assignments

also supports the student's "organic" shifting in consciousness.

Each private student receives one monthly private discussion session  (1.5 hours) with Melinda, during which

time analysis of personal events, dreams and apparent shifts in consciousness are discussed. Following each

private session, Melinda provides the student with study and work material that is specifically suited

for the current level of progress. This includes guided meditations and breathing practices;  workshops on DVD,

audio tracks and written material.

Each student provides a monthly payment to cover Melinda's time and contribute to this ongoing learning experience.

Monthly payments for an amount determined- agreed upon by the student and Melinda - are made by a set date 

through Paypal. Either the student or Melinda can cease this arrangement at any time.

Melinda only works with a small number of students at one time. If you are interested in this personal learning

experience, send her an email at or give her a call at 208-478-6931.