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  Melinda Ann P e te r s on

​​​May 2018

 Intention + Resentment > leads to wrong action since it is pain-producing

 Intention + Truth > leads to right action since it is pain-relieving and supports Truth

Intention is a thought with a single-focused direction.

Intention can be undermined by your own internal, emotional conflict.

Emotional conflict is created when past actions are recalled that bring up a feeling of resistance to "what is" in the subconscious level of your mind.

Emotional conflict manifests as resentment. Resentment is a negative, thought-wave energy that is projected out into the environment. It originates from heartspace (Anahata chakra) and manifests as an invisible barrier between people.

Resentment is felt without words being expressed. Because it is a negative energy pattern, it creates a repulsive force between people and stops cooperation: it halts any unifying resolution from occurring.

Resentment only diminishes by mentally releasing past hurts and allowing a feeling of love and acceptance of the past as the "past" and the now as the "now"  to arise within you. Taking personal responsibility for your feelings of resentment is freeing for you - it breaks the karmic bond. Letting go is a key practice in healthy living: it changes your focus, bringing it to the present moment. 

Living in a feeling of resentment is not a healthy space for your heart and head. If you cannot release attachment to resentment, see it as a sign that a change in the dynamics of the relationship must be initiated. It is better to release the relationship rather than harbor feelings of resentment since it only diminishes your ability to be free and honest in the moment.

If you don't let go or move on, the feeling of resentment will generate internal agitation that

manifests as defensive actions and words. You will self-fulfill your own negativity by acting in a way that sustains the barrier between you and the other person. So, not only are you supporting the conflict, you are poisoning your own heart and mind and feeding into negativity.

Accepting the truth about a relationship can be hard, but it is also freeing. Accepting the truth and moving on is an important life skill, Here are a few pointers:

If your actions or words are the source of resentment,  apologize.

If you are the recipient of hostility, look at the other person's words and actions objectively and then make a choice about how you choose to respond/act, based on what you discover - forgive and move on - mentally, emotionally and physically, if need be - but move on.

Change your intention from holding on to resentment to embracing the awesome power of change today. Generate your own happiness by changing your intention. Choose to act in a way that clears your path of people and situations that create resentment in your day.

                                                                   Embrace the Truth,


Resentment Undermines Your Happiness 

           Nature's Wrath      Acrylic by Melinda Peterson 2011

                              Melinda's Private Collection 

 Painted prior to Storm Sandy hitting USA East Coast  in winter 2012

                                   Based on a dream