‚Äč  Melinda Ann P e t e r s on

Returning to the Source

March 2020

Nature does not change. Nature is still at its core and all motion arises from it.

All motion returns to stillness.

Nature is the source of all we experience and call the "Outer World".

Every reference our minds make, draws from Nature.

All "Inner Space" symbols source from Nature.

All scientific thought refers to Nature.

We have no understanding of Life without referencing Nature.

We have no Life without Nature.

Nature is intelligent. Its intelligence is unaffected by human thought or action.

It does, however, respond to all human input without thinking about it.

Nature sources from the interaction of forces.

It exists in two states simultaneously.: action & non-action.

It conserves its energy.

Nature manifests as disorder moving into order.

Nature also manifests as order moving into disorder - chaos.

Nature is composed of all the forces we know of, and those that we are yet to discover. It is the well-spring of All That IS.

It arises from the Nothingness.

Its essence is silence.

I may be engaged in Nature's world or

I may choose to experience its stillness.

I may choose to be silent.

I may choose to untie the knots,

to soften the light and become

One with Nature.


                                           Melinda Ann