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  • excerpt from #ll lecture BG8:26

Bliss     by Melinda Ann Peterson 2006  Pastel     Private Collection

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Samadhi: A Superconscious State of Awareness

November 2020

By performing yogic breath patterns and single-focusing the mind over a period of time, your awareness expands beyond the limitations of normal perception.  Your brain is not longer shifting between two brain hemispheres; no longer drawing forth memories, nor trying to decipher the logical answer to a question.  Your mind has slipped beyond all of the lower levels of mind function and entered into the expanded state of the intuitive mind which Yoga calls "Samadhi".

When you no longer experience awareness of your body, all your physical limitations disappear.  You experience a state of "being" that is weightless.  It is as though you have stepped into outer space beyond the pull of Earth's gravity.  You are free of pain and suffering on all levels.  As my painting, entitled "Bliss" reveals, you are in bliss, asleep to the outer world, experiencing a peaceful mind that is expanded beyond your dreams.

An incredible thing happens when you enter into Samadhi  as a part of your daily routine. Your mind experiences a state of "no thought" - a clean slate that is void of the past.  Clarity of mind allows new, innovative thoughts to appear as thought-waves on the movie screen of the mind.  Unencumbered by the past, a fresh expression of "what is" appears before your Third Eye on the movie screen of your mind.

You may also notice an Inner Voice communicates with you, revealing information about what you are seeing with the Inner Eye.  This experience is reported in  esoteric teachings and Yogic text as "knowingness".  It is the result of tapping into the Source of consciousness within you, known as the Self, with a capital "S".

In this state of knowingness, called Samadhi, a feeling of bliss arises since all competing forces have been transcended.  It is noted in the ancient spiritual text, The Bhagavad Gita, that the closer the mind moves towards the Self, the greater the bliss.


           "He who controls the mind and has cut off desire and anger

           realizes the Self: he knows that true Bliss is nearer than near."

It is unreasonable to think the world we live in will ever experience bliss.  And it is exhausting to waste your time and energy wishing and wanting it to be so.  People have been wishing that forever.  However, facing the fact that peace and bliss are available to you any time you are willing to dedicate time and practice to the ancient art of meditation, is knowing you can liberate yourself from the insanity of the outer world.  And who knows, you may be the one who receives a vision of how to innovate new ways to save the planet from the destructive actions of humans.


                                         I am going to go meditate.

                                                     OM Shanti,

                                       Melinda Ann