Melinda Ann P e t e r s on

February 17. 2019

Beauty is perceived when the physical  eyes see harmony between objects existing in the outer world.  A sense of awe arises within the perceiver and an expansion in consciousness occurs that overpowers all patterns which detract from awareness of oneness.  Seeing beauty is a right-brain experience: an awareness of patterns in space that soothe the mind. There is no left-brain judgment, nor analysis to tear the wholeness apart. 

Beauty inspires because it unifies awareness and beingness.  This linking of what is seen in the outer world and the essence of Life itself - Spirit - creates a state of bliss within the mind: a state of unity known as "superconsiousness" by the mystics and Yogis/Yoginis.

Artists see oneness in the world because they are aware of "beauty". They carry this awareness within them and translate it onto canvas or paper.  They mold clay or bend metal and their actions flow from the energy of inspiration through the brush or any tool that allows this transfer of superconsciousness from the mind to physical reality to occur.

When the artist is able to capture and transport beauty from the mind to a physical object, the person viewing the object has the opportunity to feel inspired by the piece.  A feeling of awe arises as the experience of beauty is shared between the creator and the observer.  This same experience happens through sound created by the musician who produces a series of  wavelengths through the air that touch the Spirit within the listener.

Beauty soothes the mind by releasing awareness of all things that detract from oneness.  Awareness of beauty has a healing effect on the mind and the body.  Looking for beauty and creating beauty directs the flow of life towards creating and unifying rather than destroying and tearing apart.

To those of you who are artists, keep creating; to you perceivers, keep seeing and may we all take time to see the beauty in Nature so our minds experience awe that awakens a deeper experience of Life.

                            May you experience a beautiful life,


                                                 Melinda Ann

Seeing Beauty