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for Expanding consciousness

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What's Available?

Tier One  $10/mo.     Guided meditations

Guided Meditations for Mental & Emotional Well-being

Yogic Breathing Practices

Mind Practices to Improve Focus & Concentration 9 currently

Tier Two  $20/mo.   Videos of Ahimsa Yoga

Videos for Restoring Wellness to the body  ( all under 18 min.)

         Standing poses for a gentle Warm-up for the whole Body

         Floor poses for a gentle warm-up for the whole Body

         Stress-relieving routine for the arms, shoulders, wrists & hands

         Stress-relieving routine for the neck, face & eyes

         Restorative routine for the hips

     The Healing Power of Restorative Yoga  ( 2.5 hours)   free


 Tier Three  $30/mo.   Explore Your Inner Space

            How & why we exist as  Matter/energy    

                      Mind - individual > cosmic consciousness

                    & the evolutionary journey towards the experience of Bliss


      The Natural Evolution of Consciousness through meditation  (free video)

       Being One in the Spirit  ( Series of 5 videos + worksheets)

            Introduction    posted

            How do we exist?  posted

            How do we act?  posted

            Ego & conflict   posted

            Resolving conflict using higher principles  posting soon

            Manifesting your intention & Yogic philosophy in a nutshell   posting soon

       The Chakra Series   The Process for purifying the chakras

               This series provides you with the following tools for each chakra:

                      Audio lecture    

                     Guided meditation for processing

                      Written notes about the chakra

                      List of thought-provoking questions to answer that

                              support self-awareness to expand your consciousness

                      Hatha Yoga routine to support the purifying process

                      Music from the guided meditation without voice

             The Chakra System   posted

             Ajna  (3rd Eye)   posted

              Vishuddhi (throat)  posting soon

              Anahata  (heartspace)  posting later

              Manipura  (navel) posting later

              Sahasrara (crown)  posting later

             Swadisthana  (tailbone)  posting later

              Mooladhara  (root)  posting later

              Bindu  (point on the back of the head)   posting later

              Sushumna  (spine) posting later

Tier 4   $7/mo.  for Children

    Tools to assist you in exposing your children to esoteric teachings & experiences without the  

    boundaries of religious traditions


    God & Me  coloring book free posting

    1-2-3 Learning Stress Free  coming soon