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This workshop includes lecture and a guided meditation - it runs nearly 2 hours.

You may watch it Part 1 & 2 on on a larger format.

The manual which accompanies this workshop is available for $20. Contact Melinda if you are interested in receiving this pdf file. Payment can be made through Paypal.

Meditation is the natural state of mind that occurs when thoughts cease while awareness is

maintained. This state is called "Superconsciousness". The ancient Yogis perfected meditation

over 5,000 years ago and recorded their discovery in the ancient Yogic text, "The Raja Yoga Sutras".

As a Yogini, I have been involved with this text since the 1960's.

In this recorded workshop video, part 1, I focus on the initial stages of meditation called,

"Lower Samadhi". Gaining control over your thoughts, allows you to move beyond feelings,

fears and pain. You relax and go with the flow" of pure awareness. Your internal space is

peaceful and the feeling rejuvenating.



An Essay on the Nature of Man

According to Yogic philosophy, man is an integral part of Nature: not separate nor superior. Nature is a manifestation of the interaction of three forces known as the Gunas acting on matter/energy. The way matter/energy interacts is a result of Consciousness - set laws/equations that form the basis of what we know as mathematics and science. All of this is in a constant state of fluctuation/evolution due to the interaction of the three forces which compose Nature (Prakriti). All of this sources from Spirit - the divine spark that animates All That IS.

The universe exists on various planes or dimensions. The most basis plane is labeled "physical" and can be perceived by human senses and scientific instruments.  It is composed of energy that bundles together to form matter in the time/space continuum. This physical plane is in a constant state of wave function - either in a potential or kinetic state.  Scientific laws that reveal the way this plane functions have been discovered by many great minds throughout human history - Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Bohr, to name only a few. This process of discovery is ongoing today.

Other planes exist in a state of superposition with the physical plane with the degree of subtlety increasing with each sequential plane. Most living "beings" on the planet have an awareness of the next plane known as "subtle" or "astral" plane. We experience this plane as the place/space in which our personal thoughts, feelings, dreams, memories and imagination occur. I refer to this place as "Inner Space" when I lead meditations. Quantum physicist, Amit Goswami, calls this space "local" consciousness - individual awareness - that is part of all consciousness - "nonlocal" - that underlies this entire universe ( read "Self-Aware Universe" by Amit Goswami to learn more on this subject).

This plane was given great importance in religious/esoteric/mystical teachings for thousands of years prior to Renee Descartes (1596-1650), who purported that the universe was a machine rather than a living organism. This concept turned the perception of the subtle plane in Western Thought on its head until the late 1800's when study of the mind and human behavior surfaced in Europe. With the advent of psychology and behavioral studies, the importance of the subtle plane re-emerged though it definitely influenced by the scientific method. To truly understand it nature, you must delve into mystical/esoteric studies.

This subtle plane is your own private world; and yet, it is a part of all consciousness.

When considering the universe, it is called "Cosmic Consciousness". It can be said that the universe is "self-aware" or "non-local". Within every entity, there exists a "borrowed" consciousness - a "local" rather than "non-local self-awareness. This holds true whether the individual  particle is alive or not. It can be thought of as the "intelligence" or coding that instructs all matter how to function.

Most humans experience Life as a manifestation of the physical plane and subtle planes (though mystics know there to be several more). However, that does not explain the essence of Life that flows through all that is living. This essence is referred to as Spirit or "Purusha" (Sankrit) in Yogic philosophy. This extremely subtle energy flow moves through time and manifests in a linear pattern - having a beginning and end to its manifestation within each individual entity. You can think of it as the "being" part of existence. Its initial manifestation is known as "conception". Its disappearance is known as "death".

​To be continued......

The Natural Evolution of Consciousness through Meditation