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Yin is stronger than Yang

The Battle is Raging: Civilized vs. Barbaric

Yang represents the male energy that seeks to dominate. It is represented by the "light" part of the symbol, while the feminine energy is "dark" and it seeks to nurture and support. Both are inextricably linked together. 

Yang represents the use of barbaric means to dominate - be in control, set up a "me vs. them" mentality = winner/loser,  powerful/weak. Leaders who exemplify Yang, use vulgar language, incite violent acts through disparaging language and align with other "yang-minded" leaders to encourage this rise of "yang" attitudes in those who follow them.

The opposite, Yin, represents the use of diplomacy and humanitarianism to support mankind = win/win, compassion, sharing through acts of caring for the less fortunate. Leaders who exemplify Yin are listeners who use diplomacy to act in a way that promotes peaceful resolution to issues at hand. They encourage their followers to treat others as they wish to be treated.

American society votes this month. The results will either support the flourishing of barbarism in this world or set a boundary on it. We know that Yang is flowering right now: just watch/listen to the news. The direction of the American Civilization" is at stake - does it go more Yang? Or does it go more Yin? Does it support evolution towards barbarism or civility?

No matter who wins, the differences between the two will remain the same. The struggle will continue because the "yin/yang" battle is inherent in our nature and in the society we create. The history of every civilization is a record of choices made in the past. Civilizations rise and decline...they ebb and flow: exist and extinguish themselves based on decisions made by its citizens and leaders.

Whenever either force dominates too long, destruction is inevitable. Yang cultures spend too much time and money securing control through violence - brutality against less powerful opponents is encouraged. Minorities are "villainized", financial disparity between the rich and poor increases, social programs are minimized. This leads to a civilization that thrives on war, but it simultaneously creates enemies within the very fabric of the society. It abuses and alienates citizens and allies and actually weakens the culture's position at home and on a global scale.

A civilization in which Yin dominates too long, also becomes weak. The focus on sustaining humanitarian programs improves the society from within and depletes economic resources.The Arts thrive and individuals are happier and healthier, yet protection from aggressive outside sources is minimized. This creates a situation in which the more advanced culture becomes the target for "overthrow" by Yang cultures.

In order for a civilization or any relationship to survive and thrive, a  balance between the two opposites must be reached.  Yang builds and protects; Yin supports and nurtures. Both forces are necessary and of equal importance.

As children, we are encouraged to either be better than everyone else or to be the best that we can be. We are taught to either hate or love those who are different from us. We are taught to show compassion or celebrate victory over others.....its the yin/yang principle in action.

Every individual perceives, thinks and acts according to the yin/yang principle. It is reflected in one's personality, as well as, in the filter - personal bias - one develops over time, based on life experiences. It is important to self-reflect and observe yourself honestly. In simplified terms: If you are too "Yin", you love to nurture and support others, but fail to set healthy boundaries for yourself. If you are too "Yang", you actively work to achieve your goals, but fail to listen or care for others and often react with anger. Finding a healthy balance between " yin/yang" on the inside leads to inner calmness. Inner calmness leads to clear thinking. Clear thinking leads to healthier decisions for yourself . Healthier choices lead to thriving rather than surviving.

So, don't panic or become angry by the outcome of this upcoming election, America. It's not the end of the world - it's just a reflection of the dominant mindset of our culture at this time in our history. Know that it won't last will change: it's inevitable.

​                                Holding Inner Space in Balance,



Yang is stronger than Yin

​​November 2018

We don't often think of ourselves as barbarians: we are

the educated, the people who know how to act in a

civilized manner. Only Barbarians are savage, cutting off heads, bombing the innocent, killing their neighbor! We, in America, are a civilized democracy - a country where appropriate choices and language  uphold our sacred values:  freedom of speech, freedom of the Press and Truth. We act in a civil manner towards others......oh, wait...... no we don't !

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "barbarism" as "unrefined, savage". Its antonym is "civilized" - "educated, sophisticated". The history of human societies bears out the fact that civilizations begin as barbaric and evolve towards civilized.

​Historian Arnold Toynbee described the relationship between the two as represented by the symbol "Yin and Yang" : the seed of one lies within the flowering of the other.