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The Concept of Oneness

December 2020

There are a few perspectives through which you can perceive your existence.

One way is to personalize it by making all that you see relative to you: you are the center of your universe, your world.  When you do this, you are easily triggered into reacting to every input that you observe.  Life is a roller coaster ride and you often find yourself disappointed at the end of the day.  Life does not live up to your expectations.  You are physically and mentally spent.

Another way you can perceive your existence, is to observe the whole experience at once; there are no parts because there is only the whole.  This way of seeing leads to experiencing "Oneness" - a concept that appears in ancient Eastern philosophies and is now re-entering mainstream wellness programs and lectures.

Being able to perceive "Oneness" takes practice and meditation is the process that trains your mind to concentrate and just observe "what is" without tearing it apart.   First, you learn to quiet the left brain hemisphere and awaken the right.  To do this, focus on the space in which everything exists.  That way,  your one thought/one perception is of space, not the objects it contains.  When the mind perceives one thought only, it experiences peace.  Mental disturbances disappear because the mind is not jumping from one thought to another.

Sounds simple?  It is, but it takes practice to sustain "oneness" for longer than 7 seconds - the average length of time a person can concentrate on one thought.

Begin by pausing throughout the day to practice just being aware of the space in which you exist.  Experience it and then watch how "oneness" disappears when another thought interferes.  Poof! It's gone.  Eventually though, you will experience concentration long enough that your mind undergoes a shift and you truly experience yourself as the "observer".  This shift is a "transcendence" of the normal way you see the world.  It is more quiet and peaceful.  Tension releases from your body.  Your mind relaxes. You are a part of all that is.  You are experiencing "Oneness" - a beautiful gift you can give yourself and enjoy the rest of your life.

                           Happy Holidays & Be Well In the Spirit,

                                       Melinda Ann

"In the beginning, there was One.

Then, the One became Two.

Out of the Two, came the Ten Thousand."

                  Tao Te Ching

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