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The Deep Rest Experience

January 23, 2019

As the outer world stagnates in egoism and ignorance, the more necessary it becomes to retreat from the chaos. If we don't take relief from the stress and solace from the suffering, we diminish our "beingness" and begin the downward spiral into inertia.

The body suffers as it goes "out of phase" with its inherent intelligence. The body is

wise about itself, but personal consciousness that is distorted by conditioning and unrealistic ideals, often interferes with the body's ability to sustain life. I have known this imbalanced physical state through  many life experiences over the years -  a disabling car accident, a brutal assault, and a 4-month period in 2012. I have experienced three out-of-the-body time/spaces in which my mind completely separated from my body and I was merely the "witness". Time dropped away though

I remained "aware" of the space in which my consciousness exists. My body merely existed within this "Mind Field" of my individual beingness. Because I have been a meditator for over 50 years, I was not frightened during these experiences since I have been allowing my body to disappear for decades. But, what was different this time was my physical body had gone so far "out of phase", I had to concentrate more intensely to keep my mind connected to my body while  allowing my body to restore "in phase" balance so I could continue to exist on the physical plane of reality.

Re-connection between the body and the mind requires you to enter into a state of deep rest. This state allows the intelligence of the physical self to re-integrate with all other aspects of manifestation - body, mind, emotions, vital Life Force,  soul (causal plane) and Spirit. Over the years, I discovered a simple way to move into the correct mindset and intention: I call it "Deep Rest". it is a mind practice of intense concentration that moves the body into a state of rest that is experienced in deep sleep. Conscious awareness is maintained during the experience. You merely watch

the body re-integrate all planes of being - allowing superposition of all planes of reality to shift back into "phase". 

The practice itself is simple and your body/mind already knows how to do it. You go through it every time you go to sleep. The difference is, you do not allow awareness to come under the influence of Tamas (the Guna of Inertia) which results in sleep. Instead,  you must hold intense awareness of consciousness alone. You watch your body experience a state of deep rest and go back into phase. 

I have recorded the practice which you can use to train yourself to have the experience. Lie down - get comfortable and cover the body with a blanket since your temperature will drop. Now watch the natural breath pattern, eventually placing focus of the last part of the pattern - breath leaving the body, breath out of the body and the brief pause - a state of stillness - before you take your next breath.

Remain in this state of "Deep Rest" for as long as you can. The recording is short, but it merely teaches you how to allow the body to heal itself and watch Life Force integrate and revitalize all  systems. If you can't perform the practice well, go to the less advanced practices on this website to improve concentration. Eventually, you will be able to experience this state of body/mind in the mind field of your existence.


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