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The Law of Entropy

January 2019

Entropy is defined as " the natural trend of the universe towards death and disorder "(James Newman).  The disappearance of order arises when disorganization flourishes. Randomness leads to chaos and chaos leads to dissolution of any

known state which functions in a controlled it in the mind or in material objects.

Entropy is the law that underpins Nature. It is the law that describes Nature's pattern to break down all matter that exists into its basic components. For example,

a leaf falls from a tree and dies. It then goes through the process of decay by breaking into smaller pieces and eventually existing as humus in the soil. It is out of this decay that a new living organism will be organized. This power to destroy and create something new is represented by Lord Shiva in the Hindu religion. Shiva is one of the three major entities that represent the manifestation of this universe. Brahma represents the power to initiate Life and Vishnu --the power to sustain that which is living.

Entropy is also apparent in the rise and fall of civilizations. The evolution of social patterns by man within a set region in the world, creates a unique structure to language, systems of government and accepted ways of living. Architecture and art from a specific region reflect the mindset of the civilization. Religious beliefs and customs underpin the society and give rise to order. This order gives rise to social laws which defines what is "good" and what is "evil". It is by these laws that members of a civilization are judged and punished.

When the order of a civilization is disrupted by one individual who has power and loves chaos, disorganization flourishes and the social structure weakens. Looking back through the history of empires that have ceased to exist, you will find that moment when entropy overpowers order and  decay sets in. If the trend towards disorder is not halted, the civilization will disintegrate, leaving only remembrances through recorded history and knowledge - architectural  and archaeological remains. Consider the rise of the Persian Empire around 585 B.C.  Cyrus the Great established a trend towards order that eventually led to the manifestation of the greatest empire prior to the Roman Empire.

The Persian Empire, based in the southern lands of Iran, spread West along the Mediterranean Sea and East into India. This civilization grew, survived and thrived as a civilization - making great strides in the fields of astronomy, medicine and mathematics. Over time, it expanded its military/political reach so far that weak leaders could not sustain it: the empire entered a period of decay and ceased to exist.

In today's world, Iran is not seen as a great nation, but is labeled "rogue" and "dangerous" by the so-called civilized nations. The general public know little of its contributions to our current Western civilization and understanding of the world.

Civilizations take years to develop and yet, little time to decay. The choice in leadership that follows the "established norms" is vital to its existence. During this time of technological advancements, it is important to understand how this global transformation is affecting the lives of individuals who live within current regimes of power. It is fascinating how a "tweet" from one man can disrupt order and send a  country and the world into panic. 

I was given a vision of a well as I came out of meditation Thursday morning. Seeking a better understanding of its meaning, I went to my book on the "I Ching", the book of Change. Hexagram 48 is called "The Well" or "The Source". This specific piece of wisdom refers particularly to the social and political systems of mankind. It states,

"without forethought and a sense of humanity in a leader, good government is impossible, and misfortune results. Social disorder and evil reign because the leader is not the right man to execute the "plan" (of order). The right man can be recognized by his ability to inspire those whom he leads. He encourages them in their individual pursuits and promotes co-operation."

America and the world has entered a time of great chaos due to myopic views that do not support universal truths. This is leading mankind down the path of decay and disorder. Many are suffering already and more suffering is inevitable. Destruction has has the upper-hand and the fall into disorder and entropy is in motion. This path will continue to unravel the fabric of civilizations around the world until steps to restore order are enacted.

Ignorance of the higher truths of peace, compassion and concern for your fellow man

must begin within each of us. We cannot support this decline if we want social order to survive. Nature will take its natural course, only man has choice and that is a scary proposition at this point because ignorance is thriving now and all the technology in the world cannot stop it; but, it can be used as a tool to further unravel order and continue to bring ego-driven leaders into power for their own glorification.

                         Pray for Peace. Act with courage in these dark times!

                                               Melinda Ann