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  Melinda Ann P e t e r s on

The  Paths of Life

​​March 24, 2019

There are two paths available to Man: World Process and the Spiritual Path.

How a person approaches life determines the path.

On which path is your consciousness rooted?

The path of world process is founded on the principles that lead to success in the world  around us.  It requires using the mind, ego, social / familial status, as well as, money to achieve success. The goal is to gain as much wealth, power and praise as possible so others see you as superior to the rest of humanity.  The rules of the game are based on competition, doing whatever is necessary to achieve set goals, and using people as a way get where you want to go. Bending the rules of social propriety is allowed, as is showing lack of concern for others.


The Spiritual Path means that you are "Spirit-Conscious" all the time. Awareness of Spirit forms the foundation of your consciousness - therefore, you are aware of  Spirit in everything you see and do. It requires using the mind to achieve deep concentration skills that lead to meditation, contemplation of esoteric studies and acting in way that is based on spiritual laws: love, compassion, honesty and truth when interacting with others and during self-observation. The rules of the game are based on "letting go" of all that binds your mind and soul to the impermanent things in life. The gift you receive is expanding awareness of the universe and all that is in it: knowledge turns into wisdom when it is applied to actions in the outer world. The experience of Inner Peace reveals itself as you discard attachment to old ways of seeing, justifying and clinging to worn out behaviors that were based on obligation and fear of rejection. This path supports the manifestation of "grace" since harmony with Spirit is the provider rather than the ego.

Once you have chosen the path to follow, all other questions can be resolved since you know you are either binding yourself to world process or you are binding yourself to Spirit.

No matter which path you chose, you will have to figure out how to incorporate the other path into your life, but it will be the secondary path - the one that you go to when the need arises. You may follow tradition by attending the religion of your parents or you may choose to take a walk in the forest or on the beach. Or you may sit and meditate and then go to work to support yourself.

You may walk the path of world process for years and then decide to switch paths. There is no right or wrong (such a Western thought) to your choice.  Just know that which ever path you choose, there are consequences and trials to go through. Neither path is easy. Happiness and suffering will be encountered on both paths. But, your choice will have a huge impact on your health, well-being and the journey itself.

No matter which path you choose, I suggest you find a teacher who can assist you on your way. There are lots of pitfalls and illusions no matter which way you choose to go and when you have insight from someone who is further down the path than you, you can save yourself a lot of grief.

So take a moment and observe yourself - your mind, your thoughts, what drives you and where are you going?  

                           Take a moment to run into yourself!

                            Melinda Ann