Melinda Ann P e t e r s on

The Power of Fear

​​​April 2018

Fear is one of the strongest feelings you ever experience. Once it grips your mind, you  are stopped in your tracks, unable to move or think. It is an overpowering feeling that turns into anxiety. It paralyzes your body and your mind. If you allow it to expand, its energy  takes dominion over you, creating so much disorder that you lose yourself and your life. 

Fear is similar to the thermodynamic theory called "entropy" which is defined as the natural trend towards disorder that eventually ends in inert uniformity within a closed system. This means that you, as a closed system, will lock up all your potential energy due to fear and this process will manifest as a slow process of disorder and degradation of what once was.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed  - so the Life Force energy that is expressing itself as "you", exists whether you tap into it or not. When you live in fear, you keep your energy in a state of "potential" expression; it remains untapped, unexpressed. This energy is trapped inside you and builds up tension, agitation and often frustration with your current situations. Many people turn to drugs and alcohol as a means of escape from this internal state of victimization.

The only way to change your state of being is to unleash your potential energy by turning it into kinetic energy which expresses itself as movement - in the mind and the body.  You can tap into the your "power of being" by changing what you think about and how you are expressing your thoughts through your words and actions. However, you must recognize the feeling of fear for what it really is - just a feeling - and feelings change all the time. They are very temporary and not a suitable foundation for making choices that will have a long-range effect on your life.

Take a moment and focus on a feeling you are having right now. Notice how the feeling intensifies the more you focus on it - give it mental energy. Now, focus on a different feeling and give it mental energy....notice how it grows stronger and your original feeling disappears. Try this simple practice throughout the day and notice how you can change your mind's direction any time you want to. You have the ability to be in charge of your own Life Force instead of allowing uncomfortable feelings, like fear, to be the boss. You have no need to victimize yourself unless you have figured out that being a victim gets you what you want. 

Fear is used to paralyze people all over the world - whole countries. Many world leaders use fear to gain control over systems of order that have provided stability to the world's governments and global economy for decades. Through bullying, revengeful actions and name-calling, the bullies in leadership positions are joining forces to turn the power of potential threats into the kinetic energy that flows as war - on individuals, states and other countries. If civilized members of society do nothing but live in fear, mankind's centuries of work towards peace through respect for each other and all living beings, will rapidly slide into a degraded state of chaos.

Now is a time of choice, no matter where you live or what your circumstances are. Victimizing yourself by locking up your potential energy does not serve you. Living in fear will only support the slow decline into disorder. Allowing others to create fear in your life and drive you into paralysis, is a destructive way to live. Stop it today, by unleashing your energy in positive directions that uphold the power of BEING HUMAN towards all living creatures on this planet.

Over power selfishness by mutual respect. Take actions to maintain civility. Be the person you are meant to be by accepting your life as it is and making changes that are necessary to free "you" from your fears!

                                                                   Champion Choice!