December 2018

Most people find their minds to be a noisy space where thoughts appear randomly as "mind chatter". One thought leads to another thought as the brain links memories, conditioning and judgments together as a response to outer world stimuli. This makes for a very busy "Inner Space" which discolors the appearance of the outer world.

This is not true for a person who is able to achieve the "Superconscious " state of mind. Superconsciousness is defined as the experience of a quiet mind due to the absence of thought waves being generated in the medium called the mind. It is the result of a person's ability to accomplish concentration on a single thought for a period of time. Following "one-pointed"awareness, the consciousness of the individual instantaneously expands into a "super" state of awareness that is beyond the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels of mind function. Meditation practices that are rehearsed consistently over a period of time, lead to Superconsciousness.

Many people tell me they meditate, but what they are really experiencing is an altered state of awareness that is full of lights and images that float in and out of their field of awareness. This is not meditation; it is the result of imagination and sensory input stemming from the subtle plane - the part of an individual that exists but cannot be seen - thoughts, feelings, memories.

The  Yogis of India discovered Superconsciousness thousands of years ago. They named it "Samadhi". They explored their minds, fine-tuning techniques  to enter into this state at will. They found that through concerted, repeated effort , the mind can be trained and controlled to enter this higher level of awareness where the mind is empty. They also noticed that thoughts may appear during this experience, yet these thoughts were truths," knowingness" expressed without judgment. They labeled it "intuition" and knew it to be the highest level of mind function: to know without knowing how you know.

Having been a involved with Yogic philosophy and  meditation for over 50 years, I  experience Superconsciousness as my state of awareness. It is how I do my work - my writings, my counselings, my healings - the way I live. I understand how much effort it takes to become superconscious. I know the pitfalls and the process which must be undertaken to conquer them and achieve this incredible state of inner peace. I know there are those of you who are reading this article, who are capable of achieving this state of awareness and mind function. You may only have brief inklings of it when you are performing the practices I offer on this website, but it is a start, so keep practicing!

Know there are two levels of Samadhi: lower and higher. Lower Samadhi must be achieved before Higher Samadhi can be experienced. There are certain obstacles to overcome that ensure you have achieved Lower Samadhi, By knowing what they are, you can understand where you are in your progress towards gaining control over your mind. but, it is difficult to control a mind that functions through a tense body, so you need to change your physical state of being by breath control first.

Gain Control over Your Body

While you are gaining control over your mind, you can assist the process by learning to control your breath. The breath flows in a consistent 4-part pattern: inhalation, followed by pausing with lungs expanded; exhalation followed by contraction of the lungs and pausing with the lungs empty. You can practice control of the breath using my guided practice called 4-count breath. By controlling the length of each part of the breath, you can learn to slow down your body - lower your heart rate and blood pressure. You can gain better control over the mind when the body is relaxed.

I find it helpful to practice 4-count breath by either sitting quietly in a chair or yoga pillow or lying down. Slow down the breath by making each part of the pattern a little longer. Do it without straining or locking the breath in or out of the body. Just control the diaphragm muscle. Perform this practice until your breath naturally flows in a calm manner and the body achieves a relaxed state. Now, you are ready to work on controlling your mind.

Gaining Initial Control over Your Mind

I teach the ancient practices of the Yogis based on texts and practices that are thousands of years old. I have not adulterated them with New Age ideas or techniques. Achieving Superconsciousness follows a set pattern, and in this and future monthly articles, I will be sharing these time-proven practices with you. For now, you can initiate control over your mind by addressing the first obstacle.


Your mind puts "Name and Form" on everything it perceives

From birth, you were taught to identify everything by giving it a name and noting its characteristics. You were taught to "categorize" the outer world. Stopping this automatic process,  allows you to just "observe" the world around you. During Step one, learn to control and stop this automatic generation of information when you are looking at something. Thus, when you sit for meditation practice, you are able to hold a single point of focus without mind chatter. When you first begin meditation practice, you will find that one part of your mind "argues" with another part of the mind. This generates an inner battle which must be won. Once you are able to just hold the mind quietly focused on a single point through intense concentration, you are ready for the next step. You have achieved awareness without argument.

Under Practices on this website, I offer a few free techniques to aid you in concentration and removal of the first obstacle.

Work with:  Brumadhya Focus - point between the eyebrows

                  Candle Stare - fixating on the flame and imprinting it on the movie

                                          screen of the mind

                  Space between Thoughts

I hope you enjoy your journey towards inner peace and the multifarious benefits that come with achieving a "Superconscious Mind". I will take you further on your journey in 2019. May Peace Be with You.....


                                             Melinda Ann


The Superconscious Mind

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