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‚Äč  Melinda Ann P e t e r s on

November 2019

                                                                   Times are changing!

Time for change is upon us. It is time for revolution.

The masses are rising up all over the world to promote change in the way the few people with power are using their power to mislead the masses so they can remain powerful. These "few" promise, control, manipulate, lie and steal. They frighten, intimidate, demand loyalty and even kill to force their way.  They incite emotional outbursts so their followers are so busy being angry that they can't/won't think about what is really going on. And the reason they do it?

So they can remain in power. But, the season for this destructive, selfish behavior is drawing to a close and the whole planet is  entering a new phase based on equality for all humanity, in all aspects of Life.

Sounds like a pipe dream?

It's not. Revolution is inevitable when disparity rips the fabric of any society.

People are tired of being abused. People are rising up and turning the tides on authoritarianism and greed. People are tired of watching the rich get richer while their "little lives" revolve searching for food, medicine and a place to live in peace.

Mass migrations are occurring all over the world. There is no more time for nationalism/separatism. Extinction of the human race grows more evident everyday. There is no more time for hatred in its many ugly forms:racism, religious intolerance and unending wars.

This revolution is apparent in the cosmos as transiting Saturn closes in on Pluto and moves on to enter Aquarius - the sign of the zodiac that represents equality for all humanity through actions arising from positiveintentions: ethical, civil behavior, approaching others with civility, respect and tolerance.

I have lived in a time during my teens where this same uprising occurred - the 60's. Social change erupted.  But, the "few" weaseled their way back into a stranglehold on the masses. Not this time!

This struggle -  the few vs. the many - is basic to human existence. We are not going to get rid of it; but we can choose to be vigilant in our own individual lives. We can choose to act and converse from a position that honors "Oneness" rather than "Separatist" notions. We can each act from a place of respect, civility and tolerance towards others. We can live our lives based on the intention of honoring Life: We can save the Mother Earth from our selfish ways or we can become extinct along with 1 million other creatures who inhabit our planet.

So wake up! Think and act in a way that brings positive change!

                                                 Let's GO!
                                               Melinda Ann