Melinda Ann P e t e r s on

Mirror Reflection in Stillness  by Melinda Ann Peterson   2004

  Acrylic 2' x 2.5 '    Private Collection of K. Brown

Venturing into the New

​​April 23, 2019

The time arrives for change. No satisfaction

with the way things are. Restlessness 

underlies all attempts to begin something new.

No thing grabs you nor your attention.

The outside world  offers only temporary

attachment and thrills: enjoyment. Inner Space

is looming large like an empty stage. Where's the play? Where are the actors?

Discontent with "what is", you have reached a unique point in your life experience. You are on the verge of a new discovery - a new space, a new way of seeing and being. This is a time of gestation, formulation and though you may feel tempted to lash out at the old, it is important to stay very still inside and watch how the new falls into place.

This is the pause between every breath. This is the space between every object. This is the silence between the notes. This lack of "something" is the birthing of something new that will be born and grow and fill the space that feels empty now. 

Can I rest in the emptiness? Can I be patient? Can I embrace this time when I don't know what "ought to be"? When my vistas are wide open to possibilities, can I observe the possibilities without grabbing hold of any of the ideas that are floating through my head?

If I can wait and sit silently inside myself, my destiny will deliver itself into my life. And when it arrives, I can be at peace with it. I can feel centered and complete with it.

There is a time for struggle and a time for acceptance. If you struggle with the new beginning, you fight the birth of change. If you accept the change, you can gently flow into your new space and time without missing a step or moving yourself "off course" through emotional entanglement.

It's spring time again: birth of the new is happening again. Beauty abounds and tickles the mind into joyous thoughts of possibilities : ways to engage with the new. Waking up to the new space around you revives your spirit and encourages movement - spontaneous, frivolous movement - in the mind and the body. So, awaken from your winter slumber of stillness within and jump with joy into this new space where possibilities abound and joy is at your fingertips!

                          Be like the child who thrills over the launching of a kite.

                          Don't know which way the wind is going to carry your kite?

                          Does it really matter?

                          Just  pay attention and do what is necessary.

                          And most of all, enjoy the experience!

                                                 Off to dig in my garden,

                                                 Melinda Ann                                                                                                                   ​

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