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May 7, 2020

It doesn't matter what experience you are having right now, you can count on the fact that your experience is unique: your perspective is firmly rooted in your conditioning. As the virus is bringing a calmer level to human interaction, each person is feeling the effect in a personal way. For those who lives were solitary and contemplative prior to the pandemic, life has changed very little. The virus is imposing introversion on the whole planet and the planet is healing itself while humans are locked away in confinement. Some of us are enjoying the peace and stillness.

On the other hand, this new drama is driving some people crazy! They want to be out and distracted by anything that will temporarily keep them entertained: the last thing these extroverts want to do is be still! These people grab their guns and their protest signs and defy safety concerns for the general welfare, and head to the streets to voice their discontent with "what is", thinking that they can just change the pandemic into something that suits their needs and gets them back into their sleepy, contented state that is devoid of the actual reality of the times. And they have Trump and the Evangelicals cheering them on.

There is another drama going on for thousands of people all over the world: they are not only living in Death's Shadow, they and people they love are succumbing to this Force that stops the heart, takes away the breath and brings a body to stillness. Death is the word that describes the experience when all systems which sustained Life, reach a state of thermal and chemical equilibrium; the moment when the Spirit detaches from the body and the person's individual consciousness in no longer subject to change.

This is the end of life's drama: no more pain, no more thought, no more desires to be fulfilled; no more agitation due to unsatisfied desires; no more hope; no more wishing; no more fearing.Stillness. Peace.....at least for the person who has passed on to the next stage of the journey.

This stillness, this brief moment of peace is what meditation brings into your life. When you choose to focus your busy mind on this magical state - of being consciously aware of just "being" - without thinking or desiring or reacting or remembering - to embrace the experience of "non-action" in all its forms, allows you to know life's lessons as they are unfolding in your life - not waiting until your last dying breath to contemplate why you existed.

Mother Earth needs us to learn from this pandemic: to change our ways of living that are destroying a million species that are dying with us on her surface. Life will never go back to what it was because we have been too selfish and careless with the lives we have been given. Now, we must put our minds and hearts to manifesting a way of living that is in harmony with the Mother and her Nature. Otherwise, we and our future children will pay the ultimate price as the planet Earth transforms into a inanimate object that orbits a star we called our Sun.

              But, no one will know of this because there will be no one to know.

                                             Melinda Ann

Which Drama Are You Living?