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        Yoga Nidra: Releasing Emotional Attachment to the Past

When traumatic events happen, the mind copes with the experience by trapping the memory in the lower levels of consciousness. Mind chatter, PTSD, anxiety and phobias are natural outcomes that affect a person's behavior and

mindset until emotional attachment to the experience ceases. Yoga Nidra

is an ancient practice that clears such an attachment, thus allowing the person to live and respond to the present moment! 

There are two-parts to Yoga Nidra: 

1.  Mind-mapping

     Uncovering how past events link together and function as the root source

     of current behaviors and attitudes. This is conducted over the phone - a

     "spilling of the guts" talking/listening session.

2.  The Yoga Nidra Experience

     Melinda's recorded voice leads the listener into a deep, relaxed state of

     body & mind. Then, memories, based on the mind-mapping session, are

     brought to the surface, a layer emotional attachment releases, thus

     freeing the mind to respond to "what is happening" now. 

     Ideas that support wellness are then introduced in the mind, establishing

    a healthy foundation based on living in the moment. The listener is then 

    brought back into the present moment with a clear state of mind.

    The client receives a personal sound file of Yoga Nidra to use over and over

    again to continue to healing process.


To make an appointment, contact Melinda at or give her a call at 208-705-2730. The fee is $180.