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‚Äč  Melinda Ann P e t e r s on

August 2018

A strange phenomenon is emerging in American culture : virtual reality!

People are living their lives through hand-held devices that link them to other people whose reality is virtual. A few years back, people sitting together in a restaurant used to chat face-to-face with one and other - they personally engaged with their fellow human beings. Nowadays, many people glue their gaze into their phone to connect with others and ignore the folks who are within arms reach.

Though the internet links people together, it is isolating the individual and voiding the personal connection with the real world. People are disengaging from their environment and forgetting to interact through their bodies in the present moment. This would be fine if bodies stayed healthy and well without movement, but that is not the case.

Human bodies and minds require movement to develop and maintain wellness.

Movement, such as any type of dance and/or  yoga, ensures that basic motor skills are mastered and maintained. Strength and flexibility are ensured while keeping the links between the body and the brain strong. The movement patterns improve coordination and the ability remain " in tune " in the physical world. Muscles are active and stress is released. Self-expression without words spontaneously occurs as the gift of being alive in the present moment is reality.

I find it fascinating that during this time in human evolution that illusion is overpowering truth on every level. This is not a new phenomenon; it is just a historical fact that is repeating itself. In ancient Yogic texts, this illusion is referred to as "Maya" or "The Veil". Illusion makes things appear to be one thing while really being something else. In the ancient Indian story "Mahabarata" (source of the Bhagavad Gita), Krishna, an avatar (divine incarnation of Vishnu) uses illusion to aid the warrior, Arjuna, in winning the battle against his evil cousins. In another ancient text, "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu,  this military genius recommends illusion be used to weaken and overpower the enemy without fighting a single battle. And guess what? It works....just be aware of what is going on in our outer world today.

Just as people believe they are connecting with more people through the internet, in reality, they are becoming more personally isolated. As the ego becomes more puffed up by seeking "likes" in virtual reality, the spirit within that animates the body and sustains the creative flow of consciousness through our minds, is ignored and this vital connection is disintegrating.

This trend of disconnection will continue until the once-strong become weak and overweight and unfit to function in the real world. This state of being creates vulnerability to "real" outside forces: physical illness and mental orders that are then addressed through use of pharmaceuticals and talk therapy. This trend undermines the individual and democracy itself; both are in decline. What was once strong is becoming weak as illusion is destroying minds and bodies like a slow poison.

It takes effort to be well and vitally active and interested in the world we live in. It means you have to admit that your body needs movement and stress release everyday; that your mind needs to think and problem-solve everyday; that life isn't about being "happy" or 'non-disturbed" - both of these experiences are just temporary feelings that are fleeting -  that Life is about engaging in the process of "being" in your body, in Nature and using your mind to explore this incredible "real" universe that we live in.

So do yourself a favor and turn off your phone sometimes.

Engage with your fellow human, look into their eyes

and be present!


 Your Body is Designed to Move - Your Mind to Think!