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  Melinda Ann P e te r s on

​​​Dreaming is an incredible experience our minds enter when we sleep. The mind fills with mysterious combinations of people, places and things that go far beyond our normal perception of reality. And yet, underlying this mesh of symbols, lies a deeper meaning which has significance for you, the dreamer. Every object or person, every word spoken has been carefully crafted by your Dream Ego to give you a message. Just as an artist carefully chooses color and composition for each painting, so does your Dream Ego create a dream on purpose with purpose.

So who is this Dream Ego? Most people know little of it though it has been with you before birth and has access to every thought, memory, fear and hope you have ever imagined. It is always honest and can be trusted since it originates from the source of consciousness within you: the Seer which is located in the Third Eye or Ajna Chakra (An-ya) located in the Pineal gland in the center of your brain. The Seer actually projects inner light onto the movie screen of your mind (located on the interior side of your frontal lobes) so you can watch your dreams or recall images from your past or create a visual image in your mind.

Beyond this, the Dream Ego is YOU in the dream state. It is silent during your conscious waking hours and during deep sleep, but it is always awake and formulating a scenario to give you guidance about situations in your life when you fall asleep and dream. Sometimes it provides insight into resolving issues in your outer world; sometimes it offers suggestions about dealing with emotional, inner world reality imbalances and sometimes it allows you to live out your fantasies. But, whatever way your Dream Ego assists you, you can count on it to be right on because it knows you better than anyone else on the planet.

In order to communicate with you, your Dream Ego uses symbols from your outer world, in hopes of evoking some emotional response from you. Everything you experience in the dream state is a symbol, just like the number 9 is a symbol for a particular amount of something. We often do not think that every object in our world has a name, a form and  function because the information is so ingrained in our psyche. We also seldom realize that we each, individually, place a value or significance on objects - that we have a feeling or memory attaching our consciousness to it. But, your Dream Ego is aware of this connection and uses it as the tool to pull symbols together to formulate a dream that will inform you about your life - past, present and future.

Your Dream Ego uses resemblance between objects, people's action and words to create a dream scenario. While dreaming, you see things differently because you are right-brained

dominant and you are paying attention to spatial relationships, colors and patterns. You are shown an interweaving of symbols that come from your own memories. You find yourself truly believing you are in this alternate reality because it is the only one you are aware of when you dream.

And when you wake up, your awareness function shifts from your Dream Ego to your Conscious Mind Ego and you wonder what that dream was all about. But, it is fleeting.... and you can't get it back.... unless you begin to give credence to the message you are receiving in your dream state. And you do this by writing down your dream!

Write down everything you remember - people, activities, location, time, objects and do this as soon as you awaken, while the information is most clear. Doing this day after day will establish a link between your conscious mind and your Dream Ego and that is when a whole new world of wisdom will be given to you to aid you on your journey in the Life!


                                                                                                      Melinda  10/2017

Your Inner World of Dreams