Yoga means "Union"

June 7, 2019

​Many people only know Yoga to be a series of poses that tone the body and make a person's outer appearance "look good". But, this approach misses the essence of Yoga: a path that unites all aspects of a person so an experience of "Oneness" happens.

When  a person practices Hatha Yoga with the proper mindset, the body is prepared for meditation....sitting in stillness within. This whole preparation process begins by unifying body movements with the flow of the natural breath. The length of time a pose is held is determined by the four-part pattern of the breath: breath in, followed by a pause with lungs expanded; breath out, followed by a pause with air out of the body. When you link movement with the breath, the body experiences:

going "into" the pose

pausing in the pose

releasing the pose

pausing between poses 

 This unification experience releases tension out of the muscles and allows the body to experience its natural pattern of release. The body slowly embraces movement and can extend the length of time each movement is sustained by allowing it to flow in-sync with the breath. No straining occurs; no ego is driving the body to achieve perfection in the pose; only unification between body and breath occurs.

Once body/breath unification starts flowing, it is time to bring the mind into the experience. There are two aspects of Mind you will notice:

                          (1) Awareness Function

                          (2) The Witness

"Awareness Function" is the part of consciousness that travels through time/space on the subtle plane, envelopes an object and then brings this information back to the Witness" part of the Mind where processing of the data occurs.

When practicing Hatha Yoga, Awareness Function focuses on body signals that are providing  subtle information about how the body feels about the pose. When adjustments are made to the pose that release pain and discomfort, the body naturally releases tension in the muscles and performance of the pose improves. The body relaxes into the pose due  to unification of the body/breath and mind. Once this release occurs, an increase number of repeated movements for a longer period of time, can be implemented to increase strength.

Continuing your Hatha Yoga session with this new understanding, opens your practice up to a whole new level of integration that increases the flow of Prana - Life Force - through your whole body. The healing benefits from an hour of Hatha Yoga practice are exponential! 

I am currently in the process of creating videos of Hatha Yoga poses based on this approach which I discovered through healing myself from crippling life experiences. I have used it to teach others over the past 35 years. I will be sharing these videos at :         


once I have completed creation of my new site (hopefully by the first of July). You will have access to my life's work -  videos, meditations, lectures, manuals - for a small monthly fee. I will provide notification through this website.

Coming next.... what happens when you meditate using this approach?


Melinda Ann


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